January 17, 2018

We have had some extremely cold temperatures lately. Single digits and subzero wind chills. Harsh, but beautiful stuff.

More photos here.

Lo-Fi Winter

It’s been a while! Meep!

 Lofi Winter

I didn’t shoot as much with my ipod or ipad this winter! Part of that is that my husband got me a little point & shoot to carry around for Christmas and I use it in many situations where I was reaching for my ipod before.

In December our internet was down for an extended period of time and I got rather used to be productive elsewhere. All my tabs were closed! I got distracted. Other things that happened this winter: plenty of family gatherings, drives to OKC, Christmas, and very very little snow. Sad about that last one.

I have some blogging plans. We’ll see if those ever come to fruition! :)