Today was fantastic. My husband and I have movie dates every Friday morning during the summer and today we saw Wall-E. I cannot express in words how I felt about this movie. There is this swelling around about my solar plexus that aches with happiness. Seriously.

After the movie we went to the mall and laughed at the people waiting in line for the iPhone. Or maybe we laughed at ourselves for not even realizing what they were queuing for until we had followed the line forever and finally came across the apple store. It felt good to be alive and not in a queue.

I gawked at the Wall-E merch at the Disney Store, but I was holding out for something specific. I was extremely tempted by some pins (they would certainly go well with my pins from Disney World) but I held onto my monies until we got to Toys R Us.

At Toys R Us I got the two things I really wanted to get today; a Vistaquest VQ3007 toy camera (sky photo was taken with it) and the Transforming Wall-E (pictured top left). Adding onto that one of my husbands vegan coconut chocolate shakes, time spent reading about 12th century architecture and a nap in which I dreamed about the Tim Burton Dark Shadows movie that I’ve got my fingers crossed about and today won’t be topped anytime soon. Or, it might be tomorrow because my life is kind of obnoxiously awesome.