Day 29, June 25

There are a lot of words I have about a lot of things, but they sort of well up inside me and spill out in emails to my best friend or drunkenly onto my pillow while Shaun & I snuggle doze another rewatch of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have a lot photos to accompany these words. I guess it’s okay if you’re lifing it up and forget to write about it, but it sure is fun, in the breaks between photoshoots and dental appointments, to look at your pretty, wordpressed scrapbook and feel the warm fuzzies of a good reminiscence. Let’s do this again.


Pieces of summer.

watching the light through the blinds while i do my dishes in my little cream and white kitchen.

Pieces of summer.

Summer break is going to be over soon.  Depending on how we decide to cling to it, we have two to seven days left. Shaun reports for duty on Friday, but he won’t be teaching classes until next Wednesday. His days will be lighter until then, but he’ll still be gone, & I’ll still be alone, probably sleeping late in the confusion of what to do with myself. I have lots to keep me busy, but I expect that I’ll want a few days to lament & wallow in my loneliness. & then I’ll rally about and realize how much time I have to take photos & play the sims 2 & write in this blog, on top of keeping the house cleaning up in addition to the fact that Shaun works less hours than most people & our life is awesome, etc.

So I’m going over our summer photos & reminiscing (already!) about the things we did, this will probably be a sappy series over the next week or so:


This summer we walked to the library a lot.