Projects throughout the years, 365 self 2008 – 2009

I started my second 365 self portrait project on my 23rd birthday. I wrote more about 2008 on this post. ¬†I was feeling so inspired when I started this project. Then it became a strange conduit for grief. I was glad to have it, and I’m glad to have this record of one of the toughest year of my life, but it’s still hard to write about. I thought I was doing better than I was. In retrospect, most of what¬†I remember of¬†2009 was napping on the couch, watching Fellowship of the Ring over and over, and crying.

1. cos you're evil and you lie.
1/365 – August 25, 2008
16. with a wave of my hand and a well-placed moan
19. on september 12th right here, in front of the waverly
33. i'll be your winter coat buttoned and zipped straight to the throat
36. she shakes just like a willow tree
62. on and on and on
62/365 – When my dad entered the hospital.
88. i don't want to try too hard.
113/365 – an hour after I found out my dad was gone.
130. i just want my chance
134. as you're folding up the shirts you hesitate
164. couldnt hear a robin sing
188. won't you come out to play
195. Don't adventures ever have an end?
365/365 – This was a joke, sort of, lots of the cliches that were big at the time in one photo.

February #cy365 – week 6

36. silky soft
36. silky soft
37. dual
37. dual
38. details, self
38. details, self
39. discover
39. discover
40. Pieces
40. Pieces
41. daily scene
41. daily scene
42. a dreaded task
42. a dreaded task

January #cy365 – week 4

22. artificial light
22. artificial light
23. dappled
23. dappled
24. space
24. space
25. a favorite...
25. a favorite… space to take photos in. Anyone who has followed any of my various 365 projects over the last 9 years will recognize my corner with the great natural light.
26. angled
26. angled


27. curved
27. curved
28. cropped
28. cropped

Projects throughout the years: My first 365 self portrait set in 2007/2008

I started my first 365 self portrait set in 2007.  Shaun and I had just moved into a house together in October of 2006 and gotten married on January 1st. I was still working as a janitor and I was super into baking vegan cupcakes and learning to sew, two things I only dabble in now, but my main interest was still photography. I had been shooting film I could barely afford for years, and while I did have a high end point and shoot digital camera, I was feeling increasingly limited by it. The battery life was frustrating. My world was full of rechargeable AAs.  I started my 365 with an Olympus Camedia c5050z. It was a great camera, actually, but it was several years old at this point and no longer functioning reliably.

I saved up my pennies (for months!!) and bought a Canon Rebel xti in June, shortly after joining up with some very active flickr groups and discovering all of these amazing people doing 365 Days of self-portraits. I’m very grateful for everyone I¬†met¬†back then, on flickr, ¬†some of us have lost touch, but many of them are still dear friends!

That first year was more about learning what I could do and less about making what I wanted to make. I didn’t really click with¬†following The Rules of photography. My favorite photos were always based on feelings and memories.¬†But it was¬†important¬†to learn that stuff, to take what I liked, and needed, and bin the rest.

I took a lot of crappy pictures that year. I mean a lot.¬†I have been trying to sort through them on an external hard drive and it was probably my most prolific year ever. You have to take a lot of pictures to get a¬†good one when you’re still learning and I took at least 80,000 photos in 2007. I shared about 3,000 of them on flickr. I have since made a ¬†fair few of those private. The memories are¬†good, though! Going back through and culling them, revisiting them with better editing software and skills, I have found lots of shots I’m glad I didn’t delete when I dismissed them initially.

Here are some favorites, and milestones, from the original set, as I originally shared them:

051107: Day 1/365
May 11, 2007: Day 1
052807 18/365
May 38, 2007 18/366
061707 38/365
June 17, 2007 38/366
062807 49/365
June 28/ 2007 49/366
072507: 76/365
July 25, 2007 76/365 Sweet Gus. <3
091807: 131/365
September 18, 2007 131/366
092907: 142/365
September 29, 2007 142/366
102207: 165/365
October 22, 2007 165/366
122807: 232/365
December 28, 2007 232/366 My last day of work.
010108: 236/365
January 1, 2008 236/366 Our one year wedding anniversary at Disney World!
010308: 238/365
January 3, 2008 238/366
021508: 281/365
February 15, 2008 281/366
051008: 366/365
May 10, 2008 366/366

January #cy365 – week 3

I’m going to start sharing these here one week at a time, starting, well, now!

15. a treasure
15. a treasure
16. sepia
16. sepia
17. light
17. light
18. with the sky
18. with the sky
19. sidelight
19. sidelight
20. under
20. under
21. backlit
21. backlit

NaNoWriMo 2015, Days 6 – 12

Day 45 I wrote 4,478 words today! #NaNoWriMo #100HappyDaysI am SO firmly stuck in the painful week 2s right now. And I’m behind on other things that I keep putting off until after I finish my writing for the day. And then I don’t finish my writing for the day so I don’t finish anything. I have been keeping on top of dishes and cooking dinner every day, though. The dryer is full of clean laundry to sort, I owe emails to two friends, I only wrote about 600 words yesterday, no one is running sprints on¬†the @NaNoWordSprints and I am floundering and lonely. It’s a pain that writing super early is best for me. I think maybe I should try a different schedule today. So maybe I will do some to do list items and then come back to it, but when I think about doing this I get a sick feeling in my gut. Tulsa, a couple of days ago.

The most annoying thing is that I know, I KNOW, ¬†if I just started writing that every tight feeling in my chest and stomach would ease up. It happened yesterday when I managed that 600 words, but it didn’t last the full half hour session. I need to get comfortable with skipping scenes, perhaps, for letting the story just jump over these day to day¬†trivialities. I hate how I feel like I have to chronicle every second of my characters days… but… I feel like I don’t know how to transition from scene to scene. ¬†I know that it’s okay. Because this is NaNoWriMo. I can write these boring moments and then cut them out, later. It’s fine. One interesting thing about this feeling is that when I read back on my NaNoWriMos, all of which I have felt this way about, I actually feel like I did a fine job skipping the mundane things and my transitions seem pretty logical. They often read enough like real books that it startles me. I find they need way less editing than I had imagined they would when I was writing them.

I guess I forgot how much hashing out my feelings on this blog is key, as well. I just feel like this month is busier than ever. In years past I have made an update here almost every day that I wrote. That’s incredible to me. Where did I find the time?

Today, my procrastination has been spent watching music videos on youtube and dancing around the living room. At least it was somewhat aerobic.

I feel less fatalistic about my novel at this moment than I did a half hour ago, or yesterday, or the day before that. I’ll get through this. I always do.

So I’m going to go an write myself a schedule for today that puts my writing in the afternoon instead of the morning and see how I do with it.

Day 50. It's really windy today and this giant leaf flew in from who knows where and cheered me up. #100HappyDays

17265 / 50000 words. 35% done!

Halloween Photo Week, 2015

I did 3 Halloween costume looks this year!

Morticia Addams:



Lydia Deetz:

lydia deetz
lydia deetz

lydia deetz
lydia deetz

lydia deetz





Previous Halloween Photo Week posts here on Writing the Ridiculous.

#HalloweenPhotoWeek on instagram. (Currently all by me! but I recognize that could change someday.)


Eleven Months into 30 before 30

30 before 30

1.¬†Cook 30 new recipes 86/30 I made 3 new recipes this month! I actually made 2 other things for the first time, but one was something super easy that I made without a recipe (daiya quesadillas) and the other was so altered in ingredients (gumbo is literally not gumbo without okra) that I didn’t feel right including it.

Louisiana Red Beans & Rice Korean Hot Pot Rainbow Millet-Hummus Collard Summer Rolls

84. Louisiana Red Beans and Rice (One-Dish Vegan)
85. Korean Hot Pot (One-Dish Vegan)
86. Rainbow Millet-Hummus Collard Summer Rolls (But I Could Never Go Vegan!)

2. Shoot 1 roll of film per month. 11/12 I got a super late start this month again, I didn’t actually finish my June roll until July 4th and then I decided to finish a mysterious roll that was in my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. Who knows when I started it? My hope was that it would actually only have a few shots left and I could pop a fresh roll into it and use it for July but that didn’t happen until the 14th! The roll is about halfway shot, now!

7. Reach Advanced Level yoga with Erin Motz’s DoYouYoga course.

Day 74: Saw lots of friends doing this today for #backbendnoend and I really wanted to try it. It felt really good! Especially on the side I am doing in the bottom picture. Weirdly effortless and dreamy. #yoga #100happydays

Three-Hundred & Six compass camel variation. dancer.

inverted staff. bird of paradise Two-Hundred & Twenty-Eight king pigeon

8. Finish Five Video games 4/5

Day 63: I beat Kingdom Hearts final mix! #100happydays #KingdomHeartsFinalMix

4. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

9. 30 self portraits in 2015.



Three-Hundred & Fifteen


Three-Hundred & Eighteen


humidity fogged lens, amazing color from the sky. 1

twenty-five:   humidity fogged lens, amazing color from the sky. 2

16.¬†Veganize 10 of my family’s recipes. 0/10

I thought this was going to be one of the easy ones, but my mom’s recipe cards are missing! I have some family church cookbooks that have some distant relatives in them, but most of the recipes that appeal to me are vegan already! One of them is for canned vegetable soup and another for pickles!

17. Make canned pickles!

My plan is to make the kind of pickles you can pretty much eat immediately. Basic vinegary cabbages, or something. Totally delicious and stress free. Not going to get into heat sealing yet. Doing what I can to get this stuff done. Real pickles is still a future goal! I got some super cute little jars earlier this month, so… that’s progress!

21. Start a 365 photo set on my 29th birthday. Finish it! Here are some of my favorite shots from this month:

Three-Hundred & Eleven

Three-Hundred & Fourteen

Three-Hundred & Twenty-Four

Three-Hundred & Twenty-Seven

Two-Hundred & Thirty

Three-Hundred & Thirty-Two

Three-Hundred & Thirty-Three

23. See five movies in the theater 2/5

Starting this goal took longer than I had expected! It seems unbelievable that we hadn’t seen a movie in the theater since sometime before my last birthday, but it just hasn’t been in our budget.
Movie in the theater 1/5: The Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie in the theater 2/5

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron
2. Inside Out

28. Write a list of major cleaning projects and do them all!

  • move all furniture and clean behind/under it. (fridge, dressers, couch, entertainment center.) (Progress: Calling this done. Kitchen, bathroom, living room done in month 6. One half of bedroom done in month 7. Library is still such a work in progress that I doubt I’ll get it finished, but all of the rooms we use regularly are looking good. I just need to do a little more in the bedroom and some of that requires getting rid of furniture. It should get done in the next year)
  • clean the fridge out. (Progress: Fridge done. Still need to hit the freezer!)
  • take ALL THAT RECYCLING so the cozy system can start working. (Progress: Done.)
  • take everything to Goodwill.¬†(Progress: One carload done, only have a few boxes left to go.)
  • finish each room. If I still have to have stuff piled in a corner, at least let it be stored in a plastic tub. (Progress: Living room: Done. Laundry room: Done. Dining Room: as done as it will get. )
  • closet overhaul.¬†(Progress: Started the bedroom closet. Made a lot of hanger space, so far, need to work on the stuff that‚Äôs on shelves next!)
  • Springtime Garden Tidy. (Progress: I managed everything by the back lot, and now it’s summer and unbearable. Major progress though! Calling it done. Everything else is maintenance.)

Only one month to go! I’ll be hustling to get some of this stuff done and accepting that other things just won’t happen, yet. But I’m not giving up on anything!


Acorn Squash Stuffed with Cranberry-Pecan Rice317. 116. les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs.

Last year my greatest accomplishments were¬†probably meal planning, house organization¬†and yoga. It wasn’t just that I did all of those¬†things consistently, it was how great they made me feel. Shaun got me this magnetic dry erase calendar for the fridge and it’s one of those things you really like the idea of but you don’t actually think is going to work. But it did. I scheduled all my chores and exercise and planned my cooking a week in advance with it and my life is completely different than it was a year ago. It’s so tidy and¬†we eat so well and I’m in the best shape of my life, now, approaching 30. I almost feel like an adult.

monthly calendars

I also kept up with some photo projects. I finished a self portrait 365 and started one that isn’t self portrait based. I feel roller coaster emotions about my art. No matter what’s going on, I always think I was better before (whatever that means, a year ago, five years, 2 weeks?) than I am now. I don’t know what causes that, but looking through photos to put this post together, I feel especially happy with the things I was doing this time last year.


64. then turns around and it sucks you in

100. but she's too rough and i'm too delicate

Seattle Pride 2014

July 19





One-Hundred & Fifteen
Best of 2014 on flickr.