adventures in hooking

frost on the windowWe were snowed in for a little while in early February. I spent a lot of time cooking lentils and reading the books I got for Christmas and watching movies on Netflix Instantly. It was a treat. What I felt was missing was a craft. I do a lot of things sporadically. I sew little felt things, I’ve dabbled in quilt tops, I have buckets of beads, sequins, pom poms and construction paper. None of these felt as compact and snow day cozy as I wanted.

Shaun had been talking about learning to knit for a while,  so when his parents offered to take us out in their 4WD truck for some snow day shopping,  I got him some stuff to get started for his birthday. I looked into crochet at the time, but evidently everyone who was snowed in had the same idea: learn to crochet! Most of the hooks and other notions weren’t available. It took me another week or so to get myself some basic hook sizes. I had been impatient waiting on the crochet hooks and started knitting with some craft yarn I had left over from giving sock dolls hair and the smaller needles that came in the kit I had purchased for Shaun. By the time I switched to crochet, I had gotten pretty confident with the knit stitch and felt like my purling was coming along fairly well. I have always heard that crochet is easier, so I was hoping to jump right in without any trouble. I didn’t get any books, I loaded up a couple of tutorials on youtube on my ipod and made something that looked like matted cat vomit. That can’t be right. It very much was not.  After two days of utter crochet failure I found the tutorials on the lion brand yarn site, which were infinitely more useful than the half a dozen others I had encountered and I figured out what I had been doing wrong. Phew.  Still, hooking into the chain stitch seemed harder than anything I had encountered in knitting and it nearly put me off my crochet.

crochet garden scarf
It’s been a few weeks now and I have made a scarf, two hats and a market bag. I purchased myself a few skeins of colors that I like together and made the first granny square in what I hope will be an afghan. It’s addictive and while I’m still not wild about hooking into the chain stitch, it really isn’t a problem anymore.

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