#100happydays, the last 50 days.

That’s a bit of a misnomer because I have kept it going past 100 days!┬áThis project really makes me feel grateful and cheered every day.

26 - 75

76 - 100

Thanks again to BigHugeLabs for the mosaic maker!



Lo-fi Autumn

Well! I got a bit behind. My internet went down shortly after I won NaNoWriMo and didn’t come up again until a week before Christmas! Thus I missed my planned autumnal retrospective in ipod/ipad photographs. I’m missing a few photos I wanted to include due to the general disorganization that follows being without internet for several weeks. I have to do things right away, it seems, or they don’t get done at all.


My Autumn was full of warm and toasty holiday feelings, the state fair, cozy crafting, baking and long walks.

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Lo-fi Summer

 My summer was full of vow renewals, train trips, holidays, birthdays, ceiling fans, star trek, board games and people I love.

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I’m looking forward to the rest of 2011!