March 20, 2018, Tulsa Zoo

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52 no. 4

I started another 52 weeks set with Shaun a bit over a month ago. I’ve actually missed a week or two, but I’m not fussed. Here are the first 5 shots:

1. Ohoho! Love the lighting!
1. Ohoho! Love the lighting! – Prompto, Final Fantasy XV
This was just a moment where the light was really interesting, coming in through the front door and I thought, aha, it’s time to start this new set I’ve been wanting to do.
2. I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone. 2. I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
On the airplane flying to visit our bestest friends in Seattle.

3. Be so very light. Be a gentle whisper. 3. Be so very light. Be a gentle whisper. – Bob Ross
When we got back, we both had terrible colds. Consequently I missed taking a photo the next week.

4. well, I've been afraid of changing cos I've built my life around you 4. well, I’ve been afraid of changing cos I’ve built my life around you.Landslide, Fleetwood Mac
We went for a walk. It was almost a little too cold, but actually perfect. We saw a bunch of cats, and cast long shadows as we turned towards home. I missed another week after this because I spent the whole week finally getting back on top of things around the house after having been on vacation and then ill.

5. got my bad baby by me heavenly side 5. got my bad baby by me heavenly sideSummertime Sadness, Lana del Rey
We went to the Persian Cultural Festival at the University of Tulsa. Lovely art and history, music and company.

Projects throughout the years: 52 weeks of us, take two, 2012 – 2014

I started another 52 weeks of Us in November of 2012 when I shot a photo for our Christmas card that year. These projects are some of my absolute favorites because without them, there wouldn’t actually be a lot of pictures of us together, and I try to keep them fairly candid, so it really feels like a peek back at our real life over the course of a year. In this case, it’s a little more than a year. I missed a few weeks here and there, but I decided not to give up on having a full set of 52 weeks.

The full set is on flickr, but here are my favorites:






Day 27, June 23

August 20

August 31


3. This is great!

xmas card outtakes

39. i love you in this way because i do not know any other way of loving but this

Projects Through The Years: 2012 in video

Remember this series? Bringing it back. 2012 was a great year. I had a photo in 5×5 magazine, we got to spend time with good friends, I had jury duty and didn’t expire from the experience, we took a mini-vacation and pretended to be tourists in our own city for our anniversary, I turned 27 and had a dinosaur themed birthday party, and I started a video project on my birthday in August that led me to shoot a few seconds of video everyday for the next year (that will be my next post in this series!)

May – #cy365 -Weeks 18-22

Okay, so, you know, I took a couple of months off of sharing these here, but I kept up with the project! The summer is such a drain on my creativity and we have had some busy, new life things the past couple of months.

Week 18:

120. On my table.
120. On my table
121. curly
121. Curly
122. Free to Be/Self. Just a phone selfie.
122. Free to be
123. Adventurous. A book in the bath.
123. Adventurous
124. What represents me. I'm always hiding behind a camera, but I'm uninspired this past week and looking forward to feeling like myself again.
124. What represents me
125. Whimsical. We have a little fun candle collection. We've decided to start burning them as needed, so it's good to have pictures of them!
125. Whimsical
126. an athlete?
126. An Athlete

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Projects throughout the years: Failed 52 weeks, 2012

I started 2012 with a bit of photo project burnout, but I was still pretty addicted. I did a bunch of challenges on a month by month basis for most of the year. I also started a 52 weeks project of diptychs shot on Sunday that I called Sundae. I only did 19 weeks, whoops! It was hard to take photos on one specific day of the week, and Sundays are my laziest day, so it was doomed to fail.

Here are all 19 shots! I really love them, anyway!






6. everyday is silent and grey. ;)














Projects throughout the years: A picture a day in 2011.

2011 was a good year. We had a blizzard, I learned to crochet, we took a train to San Antonio and all year, we celebrated lots of life with lots of family. Looking through the photos for this year feels extra bittersweet to me.










one-hundred & thirty

one-hundred & thirty-three

one-hundred & thirty-four

one-hundred & forty-seven

one-hundred & fifty-five

one-hundred & fifty-seven

one-hundred & sixty

one-hundred & sixty-two

one-hundred & sixty-four

one-hundred & seventy-six

one-hundred & eighty-five

blue broom, bristles // two-hundred & seventeen

two-hundered & nineteen

two-hundred & twenty-eight

two-hundred & thirty-five

two-hundred & thirty-six

two-hundred & thirty-seven

two-hundred & forty-two

two-hundred & seventy-six


three-hundred & twelve

three-hundred & fourteen

three-hundred & fifteen

three-hundred & twenty-seven