3rd #100happydays: the first 50 days

1 - 2526 - 50

I only took a brief break between my second and third #100happydays sets because I wanted to capture as much of Christmas as possible. I picked it back up December 1st. This project has really cheered me up. I feel especially happy looking back on it when I am blue. The past 50 days included lots of Christmas cheer, cooking, Dragon Age and tea.

Another #100happydays! Days 51-100

The first 50 days are here.


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I’m so happy with my second #100happydays set. The last 50 days have been full of Halloween and Christmas, because holidays cheer me up as the winter blues approach.  Lots of lights and good food and time with my favorite person. I’ll probably start another set in December. I want to capture more Christmas!

#100happydays, the first 50 days.

Like loads of other awesome people, I have been doing the 100happydays project. I hit day fifty a few days ago and I thought it was a good time to share a couple of mosaics!

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Thanks to BigHugeLabs for the mosaic maker. :)

Lo-fi Summer

 My summer was full of vow renewals, train trips, holidays, birthdays, ceiling fans, star trek, board games and people I love.

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I’m looking forward to the rest of 2011!