Another #100happydays! Days 51-100

The first 50 days are here.


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I’m so happy with my second #100happydays set. The last 50 days have been full of Halloween and Christmas, because holidays cheer me up as the winter blues approach.  Lots of lights and good food and time with my favorite person. I’ll probably start another set in December. I want to capture more Christmas!

NaNoWriMo 2014: Days 12 – 16

320.Got a bit behind updating here, as I usually do during the glumpy week twos. I took a couple of days off last week, but only when I had the word count to spare. I’ve kept about a bit ahead of daily requirements and even with some intense desires to quit, for both Shaun and I myself, we stuck it out and I feel pretty good about what I have going on right now. Events have taken place. Things are happening. Marriage, kidnapping, intrigue!

My self portrait theme this week is yoga, just to make sure I do it in the midst of NaNoWriMo and I feel pretty great. It snowed yesterday! I took a bubble bath today. I smell like geraniums. I have no idea what I’m going to cook for dinner because we decided not to go to the grocery store yesterday while it was snowing. Shaun is going to get the stuff on my list on his way home from work, but all my planned dinners this week were for the slow cooker, so it doesn’t do a lot of good to get ingredients around 4pm. But I’ll rustle something together. We have lentils for days and days, after all.

It’s getting harder and harder to share bits of my novel. This happens every year too. But whatever! Here we find our heroine experiencing her own bout of the week twos:

Thinking about her novel sent her on another spiral. Her stupid, terrible novel. She should go downstairs right now and thrust it into the fire, but no, here’s Georgette standing in the open door and she can see what a waste of space you are.

Here’s a peek at my spreadsheet wordcounts so far this month: nano111614



27841 / 50000 words. 56% done!

NaNoWriMo: Day five

I got a late start today. I sat around refreshing forums and blogs and twitter for a while. This is the silly thing, happens every year, I leave off mid-dialogue, thinking, “this will be a breeze to pick up tomorrow. I already know what the next line is!” The next day I hem and haw. I thought about that next line so much I hate it. It’s like my inner editor crawled back into my brain in the middle of the night and picked that sucker apart while I was unconscious.
I got half of the Halloween decor dismantled, a quarter tucked away into the garage. At 2:30pm I sat down and refreshed the aforementioned forums, blogs and twitters once again. I had just missed the start of some @NaNoWordSprints. I realized I hadn’t made myself a green tea yet. It may very well be a placebo effect, but every day I’ve had a mug of green tea has been an unnaturally good day for writing. I’m basing this off of three very good days of writing. I have clearly done my research. I spied an upcoming word sprint and made my self a cuppa. 20 minutes and 820 words later I heard the key in the lock. Shaun was home from work. I made myself some hot chocolate and we both wrote two more 30 minute sessions and towards the end of the second one, I actually started to like where my story was going. From a slow start to a 3,025 word day? I’ll take it.

14405 / 50000 words. 29% done!

The lack of housework as a result of death in the family lament.

It’s more in my head than anything else. 2nd load of laundry in the dryer right now, stuff strewn about BUT in an aspect of tidying (pulling the room out to the middle, putting it all back, preparing to put up the halloween decor) the dishes are clean, and I cook dinner, as an affair, 4 or 5 nights a week.

I’m focusing on food in the sink right now. It has its own little following.

Shaun and I went for a bike ride today. It was my first time out on the town, which is a very different experience from country roads. Smoother, yes, but my childhood route only took me through one stop sign. The stop-starting and general jelly-like quality of my limbs made for quite a workout. We eventually made it to the bike trail and rode a very short part of it. I could tell that I wouldn’t be able to go for very much longer, and I was right. The ride home was uphill & we stopped near the bottom of it. Sitting down on the curb my legs gave out. I caught my breath and admired Shaun’s friendly mutton chops. We decided to walk the bikes home from there. I collapsed on the living room rug and Shaun brought me tea. He was completely unperturbed by the ride, which was rather rude of him.
I made Pecos Bill style veggie burgers and fries for dinner when I recovered and we sat on the floor and ate them, because it seemed like a day for having dinner on the floor.

We have a couple of pitiful azalea plants by our front porch. The first year we lived here, they didn’t even bloom. One of them always gets choked by grass that I can’t seem to keep out of it, but it blooms pretty well anyway (the middle of it is full of grass and blooms, I can hardly pull the grass out without harming the flowers). The other one is clear of such obstructions, but barely blooms at all. They hardly get any sun. They never get any bigger. They seem to do better every year, though, so I suppose it could have been the years of neglect in regards to weeding that they had when no one lived here. It would be an awesome spot to have giant azalea bushes if they did well. As it is, it looks pretty pathetic.

We also figured out the culprit for our bushes in the front uprooting themselves. I’ve been replanting them for about 6 months every time I find one lying on it’s side, and they have kept alive as long as I got them back in the ground. Something is chewing their roots off. I have given up. I want to move the ones that have never been uprooted somewhere else and plant something else there and see how that goes.