Eleven days ago my Dad was taken to the ER and ended up in ICU in very critical condition. This put a stop to most of my Halloween countdown pursuits. The first night the chance of survival they gave him was minuscule. They had my mom and aunt say goodbye to him.  He’s doing much better now, though he’ll be sick for a very long time, I can’t even imagine when they’ll release him from the hospital, but I do hope that they’ll take him out of the ICU soon.  His organs have taken a lot of damage and he’s having dialysis treatments periodically, and hopefully, temporarily. If you’re curious, you can read more about his progress on my flickr by clicking the photo above.

I decided I would still participate in NaNoWriMo this month, and it’s my goal to blog about my progress regularly.

It’s been harder than ever this year. I feel like it’s week 2 already. My gut is full of apprehension. Yesterday after I finished writing, the electricity went out and I lost about 300 words. Luckily I was about 900 words ahread of schedule, so I didn’t have to fix it straight away. The bad thing about that is that, if I had been able to fix it straight away, I might have remembered exactly what had happened in those 300 words. I’m writing on auto-pilot. Half the time I skim over what I have written the next morning and I’m pleasantly surprised by the coherent plot that is mysteriously forming with no actual effort on my part. Still, sitting down to write, or thinking about it at any other time of the day, is physically uncomfortable for me.

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