Four Months into 30 before 30

30 before 301. Cook 30 new recipes before 30. 38/30

I made 4 new recipes this month!

Shroomy Hot & Sour Soup Chick'n Seitan Kung Pao Chick'n Veggeroni Seitan Pepperoni


35. Shroomy Hot & Sour Soup (Isa Does It)
36. Chick’n Seitan (The Vegan Slow Cooker)
37. Kung Pao Chick’n (The Vegan Slow Cooker)
38. Veggeroni Seitan Pepperoni (from here)


2. Shoot 1 roll of film per month. 4/12

The camera I wanted to use still didn’t have batteries (I bought some for next month!) So I used the Kodak Cameo again. I shot a lot of the roll on Christmas day.

4. Hardcore cull my wardrobe. 

Cleaned out 3 drawers. I have one drawer with lots of space in it now!

5. Save money for a new dSLR.

Christmas obviously put a pause on this one, and I realized I want a different camera than I had originally planned. Or do I? If this one is going to happen it’s probably because I’m gonna ask for amazon gift cards for my birthday and I’ll just skate in at the end and get it for my 30th. Maybe. I’m seriously considering going mirrorless, which would change the name of this goal. My main consideration is a screen that flips so I can frame my self portraits easily.

10. Fill my first Smash journal.

I added about five pages worth. It’s super stuffed and I think I need to adjust some of the stuff that I have just jammed into pockets. Time to get out the scalloped scissors!

14. Try 5 new cocktails. 3/5

Shaun put tiny bottles of booze in my advent calendar. They’re adorable and perfect for trying out new drinks. I also discovered an allergic reaction to either rum or coffee brandy, whoops! I can’t remember everything I have tried, but most recently had a gimlet. I don’t think I’m crazy about gin. We have a list of cocktails to try while after eating miracle berries, though, I’m pretty into that.

My 22nd birthday, 2007.


18. Print another photo book.

Still working on editing photos from 2007. I’m only 3 months into photos taken with my dslr, but I got the camera in June, so I only have 4 months to go. Then I need to sort through the film photos (and probably re-scan, so I’ll have to find the negatives, a huge job!) and photos taken with various point & shoots. I’ve also deleted about 1000 completely superfluous or blurry pictures, which feels good.

20. Get everything boxed or bagged to donate.

Not done, but I have about 10+ boxes full in the backroom with “Goodwill” scrawled on them! So much progress, it’s making a huge, noticeable difference in the tidiness of the rest of the house.


my thirty before thirty.

30 before 30ninety-four

A month or so before my 29th birthday (August 25th) I decided I was going to try to complete a thirty before thirty list this year. I wanted it to be challenging, but I also wanted it to be very doable. I only have  a year, after all! I thought long and hard and this is what I came up with. I’ve already gotten started on a few things and I’ll come back and edit this post as I work on it. I would also like to make update posts about various tasks throughout the year.

(List updated August 25, 2015, my 30th birthday.)

  1. Cook 30 new recipes. 94/30
  2. Shoot 1 roll of film per month. 12/12 
  3. Write 9th NaNoWriMo novel. (check out the nanowrimo tag)
  4. Hardcore cull my wardrobe. 
  5. Save money for a new dSLR camera.
  6. Finish afghan. (practically done!)
  7. Reach Advanced Level yoga with Erin Motz’s DoYouYoga course.
  8. Beat 5 video games. 5/5 (
  9. 30 self portraits in 2015. 30/30 
  10. Fill my first Smash journal.
  11. See a play.
  12. Day trip to Norman.
  13. Go bowling.
  14. Try 5 new cocktails. 5/5
  15. Learn the math I skipped. (Made progress)
  16. Veganize 10 of my family’s recipes. 0/10 (Very hard to make it happen)
  17. Make canned pickles! 
  18. Print another photo book. (Made lots of progress)
  19. Try 5 new ways to style my hair. 5/5 
  20. Get everything boxed or bagged to donate. (Made lots of progress.)
  21. Start a 365 photo set on my 29th birthday. Finish it!
  22. Finish watching 5 of the TV series we’re currently working through on Netflix. 5/5
  23. See 5 movies in the theater. 2/5
  24. Scan my mom’s family photos. (Made progress!)
  25. Organize all of the closets. (Made progress!)
  26. Write in a journal once a week. 
  27. Design & Print a 2015 calendar of my photos.
  28. Write a list of major cleaning projects and do them all! (Made lots of progress.)
  29. Do a sewing project with my mom.
  30. Shoot a day in photos on my 30th birthday!