Projects through the years: a year in photos 2013

2013 was an extra fun year. I crocheted A LOT, all year long. I upgraded the power supply, graphics card and RAM in my desktop which turned my computer into a wonderful piece of work, we got passports because we road tripped all the way to Canada, via Seattle, we spent about a month in the PNW, which was a total dream, my mama painted a beautiful tree for me and I felt really creatively fulfilled all year long. The full set is here, but these are my favorites:

January 1

February 9

February 20

February 23

March 2

March 7

March 14

March 20

April 6

April 22.

May 9

May 12

Day 1, May 28

Day 2, May 29

Day 5, June 1

Day 9, June 5

Day 14, June 10

Day 15, June 11

Day 16, June 12.

Day 17, June 13

Day 18, June 14

Day 26, June 22

Day 27, June 23

Day 28, June 24

July 5

July 12

July 27

August 19

August 20

August 26

August 31

September 28

October 1

October 21

November 5

november 28

December 3: Hat

December 7

December 10

December 14: Movement

December 18

December 28: sky

Herbal Affair, Sand Springs, 2015

We went to Herbal Affair in downtown Sand Springs. I felt like it was extra good this year!















Two-Hundred & Thirty-Seven

Garden, 2015

I had my annual trip to Riddle Plant Farm with my mom a couple of weeks ago and things are really starting to come together in my garden. Slowly chipping away at all of those tasks I wasn’t great at keeping on top of in years past and every year the garden cleanup and upkeep gets a little easier. Here are some photos from my gardening adventures so far.

day 99: it's daffodil time! #100happydays

One-Hundred & Ninety-Nine

Two-Hundred & Twelve




Two-Hundred & Twenty-One













a photo day with megan, march 30, 2011

At the end of March I went out to the homestead with my friend Megan, who was visiting from Georgia. It was creatively revivifying.

I had my annual trip to the plant farm with my mom last week.


The previous owner of my house probably took better care of his yard than I do (it’s so exhausting, and trees just won’t stop growing in the back lot!) but he wasn’t very good at planning. He just clumped a bunch of stuff together and now I have to clump stuff around it. A couple of years ago some under-dwelling creature came and ate the roots off the bushes that were lined up near the front porch and they all fell over except two. Now there is a large, unsightly gap that needs filled. I looked all over Riddle’s for a solution and finally set upon Hydrangea. Now I have it home and I’m worried it’s going to be too large for such a central spot. It would be, perhaps, a bit better, at one end of the gap. I should have gotten some low evergreen bush, something to fill the gap year round.

I love a crowded jungle of a garden and I just need to embrace it. There’s one house on our street that amazes me. The whole yard is like a fairyland, flowers of all types abound 9 months out of the year, a dark, lush colorful mess. I want someone to describe my yard like that.

I’ve been focusing on perennials. I got ground covers & mosses.


If you had an unsightly gap in your front garden, what would you put there? The other plants present are a sedum that flowers a bluish-purple in the late summer/fall, tall purple phlox that last the summer, with daffodils and tulips in spring. At either end of the gap there are two sad looking survivors of what ever chewed the roots of their brethren:  a couple of pitiful little bushes with red leaves year round.

More photos below the jump!

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NaNoWriMo: Day Ten

I was kind of feeling down anyway. I don’t know. Words happened. I described room decor in a lot of great detail to avoid thinking about where my plotlessness was heading. I read the week 2 chapter in No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty. It reminded me that I feel like this every year. We ordered pizza and walked to pick it up. That made me feel better. Laying in bed I talked through my plotlessness a lot and found a few threads to follow. I vowed to write a whole lot this weekend when I inevitably find where I want to be in my novel and get excited about it again.

In any case, the parts of my day that didn’t involve my novel were beautiful. Life is grand.

24253 / 50000 words. 49% done!

I spent an hour or so outside this afternoon getting all of my newly acquired flowers planted in pots. It’s one of my favorite things. :D

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Every year in April I go flower shopping with my mom at Riddle Plant Farm. In years past my dad would go with us, and leave us there to peruse the aisles of flowers in the greenhouse while he had a foot long coney at Sonic, or went to wash the car.  This year my brother went with us, for the first time that I can remember, though it’s possible we all went when we were kids.

This is my haul. Geranium, Sweet Alyssum, Osteospermum, Portaluca, Salvia, Zinnia and a few others that caught my fancy. I really loved some of the prearranged pots that they had this year. I want to arrange something myself along the same style so I bought flowers with similar colors and a scheme in mind. I’ll post again when I have them arranged in pots. I’m excited!