Tulsa Botanic Garden, March 24, 2018

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March 20, 2018, Tulsa Zoo

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march 2018, the happy snaps, part 2

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Projects through the years: a year in photos 2013

2013 was an extra fun year. I crocheted A LOT, all year long. I upgraded the power supply, graphics card and RAM in my desktop which turned my computer into a wonderful piece of work, we got passports because we road tripped all the way to Canada, via Seattle, we spent about a month in the PNW, which was a total dream, my mama painted a beautiful tree for me and I felt really creatively fulfilled all year long. The full set is here, but these are my favorites:

January 1

February 9

February 20

February 23

March 2

March 7

March 14

March 20

April 6

April 22.

May 9

May 12

Day 1, May 28

Day 2, May 29

Day 5, June 1

Day 9, June 5

Day 14, June 10

Day 15, June 11

Day 16, June 12.

Day 17, June 13

Day 18, June 14

Day 26, June 22

Day 27, June 23

Day 28, June 24

July 5

July 12

July 27

August 19

August 20

August 26

August 31

September 28

October 1

October 21

November 5

november 28

December 3: Hat

December 7

December 10

December 14: Movement

December 18

December 28: sky

Projects Through The Years: 2012 in video

Remember this series? Bringing it back. 2012 was a great year. I had a photo in 5×5 magazine, we got to spend time with good friends, I had jury duty and didn’t expire from the experience, we took a mini-vacation and pretended to be tourists in our own city forĀ our anniversary, I turned 27 and had a dinosaur themed birthday party, and I started a video project on my birthday in August that led me to shoot a few seconds of video everyday for the next year (that will be my next post in this series!)

My year in video: 2011

My first full year of video, and what a lovely year it was, too.

Projects throughout the years: A picture a day in 2011.

2011 was a good year. We had a blizzard, I learned to crochet, we took a train to San Antonio and all year, we celebrated lots of life with lots of family. Looking through the photos for this year feels extra bittersweet to me.










one-hundred & thirty

one-hundred & thirty-three

one-hundred & thirty-four

one-hundred & forty-seven

one-hundred & fifty-five

one-hundred & fifty-seven

one-hundred & sixty

one-hundred & sixty-two

one-hundred & sixty-four

one-hundred & seventy-six

one-hundred & eighty-five

blue broom, bristles // two-hundred & seventeen

two-hundered & nineteen

two-hundred & twenty-eight

two-hundred & thirty-five

two-hundred & thirty-six

two-hundred & thirty-seven

two-hundred & forty-two

two-hundred & seventy-six


three-hundred & twelve

three-hundred & fourteen

three-hundred & fifteen

three-hundred & twenty-seven

Today we are going to say goodbye to this amazing lady. The sky is currently gray, and rain is slowly dripping off the eaves, and off the eaves of her house next door, too, which gives me a feeling. I feel so grateful to her for the part she did in raising Shaun, and for all the times she simply called me “granddaughter.” I feel lucky that I got to eat her chocolate pie, that I sleep most nights under one of her quilts, and that the last time I saw her she squeezed me so tight, still so strong, and told me she loved me. Goodbye Grandma, I love you too.