Working on Finagled really made me laugh a lot and sometimes you want to share things like that with other people.  I’m glad I live in a time where I can make a pretty book cover and write some silly words and have them bound together or made available as an ebook with relative ease, so that’s what I did.

I feel like it’s taken some courage, though, to make myself do it, and it has certainly been a learning experience. My first proof was kind of… a mess. I’ve spent the last month ironing out all of the details and I’m pretty happy with what I have put together.

This novel began as a NaNoWriMo in 2009 and is inspired by (and intended to parody to a certain extent) all of the romance novels I read as a teenager. Set in a very fictional romance novel 19th century England, where every other man is a Duke and the date cannot be ascertained by fashion or technology, it’s full of ridiculous tropes, but also, I hope, humor and warmth.

Please enjoy the first chapter for free, below!

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365 Self: Weeks 44 & 45

week forty-four, books:




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Pieces of summer.

Summer break is going to be over soon.  Depending on how we decide to cling to it, we have two to seven days left. Shaun reports for duty on Friday, but he won’t be teaching classes until next Wednesday. His days will be lighter until then, but he’ll still be gone, & I’ll still be alone, probably sleeping late in the confusion of what to do with myself. I have lots to keep me busy, but I expect that I’ll want a few days to lament & wallow in my loneliness. & then I’ll rally about and realize how much time I have to take photos & play the sims 2 & write in this blog, on top of keeping the house cleaning up in addition to the fact that Shaun works less hours than most people & our life is awesome, etc.

So I’m going over our summer photos & reminiscing (already!) about the things we did, this will probably be a sappy series over the next week or so:


This summer we walked to the library a lot.

I wrote a long entry about my feelings about sharing with the internet. It was going to be my first entry in this blog. I hemmed, hawed, and then deleted the full body of the post, feeling that “I hem and I haw” pretty much covered everything I had wanted to say.

I’m trying to keep busy. In an odd twist in regards to things I feel are too personal to share with the interwebs (almost everything), I’m completely comfortable sharing the fact that I’m getting my annual speculum poking tomorrow. I have terrible anxiety about doctors but I have come to terms with the fact that they will always think I have high blood pressure when in fact I only have high blood pressure in their presence.

My busyness today, in attempts to ignore the trials I must endure as a female on the morrow, has included a walk to the library, uphill, both ways, for serious. It’s a small town library and almost everything in the non-fiction section is aimed at children. Sifting through the large DK picture books on the Titanic and Ancient Egypt I found a four part set called A History of Everyday Things in England by Marjorie Quennell, C. H. B. Quennell written in 1918. They’re pretty delicious looking, actually. I got the first two for now. I kind of doubt that they’re very gripping, but they’re interestingly illustrated and they smell awesome. I have a book smell thing, but then, don’t we all?

When we got back home I did the dishes. It was kind of a big deal.

I went out in the garden to take photos for flickr projects and picked cherry tomatoes and chili peppers. I ate the cherry tomatoes immediately without fanfare. They’re the first yield from my plant and I was excited, okay?

I’m playing… well, honestly, I’m playing about 10 video games right now (if you’re curious I can write out a list) but today I’m playing Final Fantasy III on the DS. It satisfies my summertime video game laziness perfectly.

I need to write an outline for the novel I’m actually writing (and have been for about three years), as opposed to the ones that I have written for NaNoWriMo. I’m sure it would be beneficial to the entire writing process if I actually established a plot. I guess it’s a satirical cautionary tale for young layabouts. That’s a start.