Projects throughout the years: My first 365 self portrait set in 2007/2008

I started my first 365 self portrait set in 2007.  Shaun and I had just moved into a house together in October of 2006 and gotten married on January 1st. I was still working as a janitor and I was super into baking vegan cupcakes and learning to sew, two things I only dabble in now, but my main interest was still photography. I had been shooting film I could barely afford for years, and while I did have a high end point and shoot digital camera, I was feeling increasingly limited by it. The battery life was frustrating. My world was full of rechargeable AAs.  I started my 365 with an Olympus Camedia c5050z. It was a great camera, actually, but it was several years old at this point and no longer functioning reliably.

I saved up my pennies (for months!!) and bought a Canon Rebel xti in June, shortly after joining up with some very active flickr groups and discovering all of these amazing people doing 365 Days of self-portraits. I’m very grateful for everyone I met back then, on flickr,  some of us have lost touch, but many of them are still dear friends!

That first year was more about learning what I could do and less about making what I wanted to make. I didn’t really click with following The Rules of photography. My favorite photos were always based on feelings and memories. But it was important to learn that stuff, to take what I liked, and needed, and bin the rest.

I took a lot of crappy pictures that year. I mean a lot. I have been trying to sort through them on an external hard drive and it was probably my most prolific year ever. You have to take a lot of pictures to get a good one when you’re still learning and I took at least 80,000 photos in 2007. I shared about 3,000 of them on flickr. I have since made a  fair few of those private. The memories are good, though! Going back through and culling them, revisiting them with better editing software and skills, I have found lots of shots I’m glad I didn’t delete when I dismissed them initially.

Here are some favorites, and milestones, from the original set, as I originally shared them:

051107: Day 1/365
May 11, 2007: Day 1
052807 18/365
May 38, 2007 18/366
061707 38/365
June 17, 2007 38/366
062807 49/365
June 28/ 2007 49/366
072507: 76/365
July 25, 2007 76/365 Sweet Gus. <3
091807: 131/365
September 18, 2007 131/366
092907: 142/365
September 29, 2007 142/366
102207: 165/365
October 22, 2007 165/366
122807: 232/365
December 28, 2007 232/366 My last day of work.
010108: 236/365
January 1, 2008 236/366 Our one year wedding anniversary at Disney World!
010308: 238/365
January 3, 2008 238/366
021508: 281/365
February 15, 2008 281/366
051008: 366/365
May 10, 2008 366/366