October 18, 2007

The leaves were definitely farther along last year than this.

Or maybe I’m not paying close enough attention.

But I’m inclined to think it’s the former.


You can just call me a participant, it’s a label I’m comfy with…

I will admit I’m shirking housework to tell you that I’ll be participating in National Novel Writing Month this year for the 7th time. I’m so excited, by golly!

& I’ve even won twice! *shamefaced*

This was one of those times when I took the wrong camera with me. It was still light enough for the wide & slim when we started out on our walk, but I shot this at twilight when we were heading across a parking lot on the way home. I saw this leaf on the asphalt, perfectly heart shaped, wet and alone.

I love it anyway.

large, on black

I went to the dentist yesterday and got my final filling. I’m going back next year for some deep gum cleaning, but am otherwise done with the dentist as long as I can keep my teeth healthy. I’ve stopped drinking the soda pops (aside from special occasions, like the state fair and disney world), I brush, I floss, I listerine. There’s no reason I can’t maintain my teeth. You know… except for the crappy teeth gene. It’s hard to beat genetics.

Scans for Posterity, Holga 35mm, April 2007

More rescans! I love this roll. It makes me happy. Holga 35mm from April 2007:

april 2007

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Scans for Posterity, Smena 8M, Late Summer 2006

More rescans from the Smena 8M!

These are late summer 2006:

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Scans for posterity, Smena 8M, Summer 2006.

I’ve commenced with the official rescanning of all of my negatives. Instead of uploading them anew and deleting the old versions on flickr, I’m replacing them. This means I’m replacing things uploaded in 2006, so it’s barely likely anyone will notice. Thus I’m gonna share all the new scans here. Aren’t you lucky?

My first roll with the Smena 8M, Summer 2006, the back popped open and some of them are overexposed & wonky:


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Pieces of summer.

We went to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art & took in some Chihuly (as well as some Roman art on loan from the Louvre, photography prohibited!)