NaNoWriMo: Day 19

The day was really unkind for writing. I hemmed and hawed for a while before squeezing out one session, 1,003 words worth, and actually, that was pretty good considering the fact that my document crashed in the middle of it, leaving a couple of paragraphs unsaved and requiring a rewrite. Screen-capturing saved me from having to think about what I had lost. Just as the “this program will now terminate” popped up on my screen, I hit my capture shortcut key. Phew. Crisis averted. I still had to wait for it to load back up and re-type it, but it wasn’t lost. I imagine it would have been a really super session if I hadn’t lost several minutes in the ether. Oh well.

By that time I had two choices. Write another session right away, or do 24 minutes of yoga before Shaun gets home.

I chose yoga because my back was begging for it.

I invented a pretty tasty dinner last night. Golden Curried Meatlessloaf. The not-quite-a-recipe will follow under the jump.

33388 / 50000 words. 67% done!

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NaNoWriMo: Day 16

It was a pretty good day for writing. I completely intended to write three sessions, but I got a late start.  At some point I will have to give in and write while Shaun is home, but that time is not come.

I got 1,981 words, bringing me past the halfway mark, huzzah!

Things I enjoyed more than my novel: making golden curried tofu & vegetables for dinner (which I get to have for lunch the next day!) and baking chocolate chip cookies because I could.

25541 / 50000 words. 51% done!

Tulsa State Fair, 2009


Tad’s Bodacious Burritos

Being a mildly lactose intolerant vegetarian at a State Fair is tough, vegan even tougher, but for the past several years we have been lucky enough to enjoy as our main meal of the day these Spinach & Black Bean Burritos (hold the cheese & ranch sauce) from Tad’s Bodacious Burritos, located on the median by the livestock arena. I will admit that I delve into the dairy at the state fair, I also have a soda or two, things that I don’t do often, but cheese is one of my biggest enemies and for some reason desserts are kind to me,  maybe it’s psychological, needless to say, I followed my vegan(-ish, I hesitate to call anything at the state fair truly vegan, if you’re particularly strict about it at all) burrito up with a very not vegan caramel apple.

Photo by my husband, Shaun.

Because it’s a school night, and the hours are quite short, we always leave before the pageant ends, and don’t see who won until the following year. Such suspense!

We’ll return to the fair on Saturday because there’s so much to do, see and eat (onion blossoms, apple fritters, and funnel cake are on my list, as well as another burrito) that we could not possibly fit it into one short evening. Saturday has another of my favorite attractions, the sugar art show. We get to stand in a long and confusing line and look at practically inedible delights!

I’ve been cooking so much lately, trying new things, inventing and experimenting.  It has been pretty freaking awesome. Aside from invented recipes that live in my head as difficult to share conflagrations of pinches of this and about the right amount of that, I have been enjoying these sites and recipes:

The Vegan Yum Yum app for the iPhone + iPod Touch (from whence I am personally enjoying it) is a delight just to stare at when you’re sitting in a traffic jam (if you aren’t the driver, which I am not).

Have Cake Will Travel always gives me ideas.

I made Crazy Jay’s Easy Potato Soup last weekend, with a number of subsitutions & alterations.  I’m pretty terrible at following recipes, actually.

On Sunday I got a completely wild hair and made these cookies from Vegan Cookies. They were crazy delicious even though I was out of vanilla, chocolate chips and applesauce (I used flax seed instead.)