35 before 35 – September 2019 – Update 11

35 before 35 list

Previous Updates

1. 71/105 new recipes

66. Zucchini and Tomato Flatbreads with Lemon Ricotta, Basil, Honey and Chili Flakes – (Hello Fresh) 
67. Gnocchi in a creamy sauce – This was a combination of some other recipes I have made in the past that I veganized. It was outstanding, but who knows if I could recreate it, haha.
68. Black Bean Burgers (recipe from a friend, and veganized) – The tastiest bean burgers I have ever made. The original recipe was not vegan (contained egg and cheese) but with a bit of tweaking it was really great. We had it on tacos the first night because it needed more tweaking to hold a burger form, but the next night I added some stuff to the mix and got some good patties!
69. Garlic Herb Tortelloni (Hello Fresh)
70. Roasted Veggie Caprese Bowls with Farro and Balsamic Vinaigrette (Hello Fresh) This was nuts good. I love farro so much.
71. Southwest Stuffed Poblanos (Hello Fresh) – Made this one and then made a veganized version within a week. So tasty.

2. Bullet Journal 2019 


I’m extremely into my bullet journal lately.

4. Saturday movie nights

I guess we didn’t watch many movies in September! We were mostly binging Steven Universe because it’s just the best, but now we are Saturday #VampireMovieFun-ing with friends!

5. finish 5 tv shows 3/5


We watched all of Steven Universe (can say that for sure since they have announced the next season is a sequel season and NOT season 6) and the movie.

13. Play more video games

I played SO MUCH No Man’s Sky last month. This isn’t even all of the pictures, it’s just the ones from the first week that I had backed up onto a usb stick when our PS4 stopped working. I’ll put the rest in my post next month, haha.

20. Yoga Goals

I’m not back to a good routine yet. I’ve been a lot busier this last little while and it’s been hard. I did more in September than I did in August, though, so that’s a win.

21. One 365 day project

You can view the full project at this tag on my Patreon (the posts are public!): https://www.patreon.com/rachelakelso/posts?tag=365%202019-2020

34. Do another sketch a day journal


Here are my first months little sketches! I hope I can keep this up monthly, haha.


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