NaNoWriMo 2016: Days 8 – 10

Untitled It’s hard to write, right now. Hard to write this blog post and hard to work on my novel. I don’t feel like talking about my feelings. But I might end up doing it anyway.

Tuesday. Woke up bright and early and full of civic fervor. We waited in the misty rain for a half hour or so to vote, right after the polls opened. Everyone was friendly. I was beyond optimistic. I wrote 3,137 words and got back ahead with my word count (ended the day with 14,004). I cooked dinner. We sat on the couch and distracted ourselves from returns with a couple of episodes of Luke Cage and then it started to look bad and Shaun, being mathy, did the math and we went to bed and I cried. (Whoops, there’s my feelings.)

Eight years ago my dad was in the hospital. Being grotesquely optimistic I didn’t believe he was dying even when they told me to say goodbye. I remember my mom telling me that she told him that Obama had won and he seemed to understand and be pleased. He died a little over a month after the election.

Wednesday I waffled between keeping informed about all of the important things the election results mean and taking care of myself because breaking down completely doesn’t help anyone. I feel dramatic, but then also terrified that I’m not being dramatic enough. I dragged Christmas out of storage. Patiently, methodically, put up the tree, strung the lights and tinsel, laid out all of the ornaments so that Shaun and I could finish trimmingUntitled the tree together when he got home. I watched disc 80 of Dark Shadows in it’s entirety. I put in disc 81 and watched half of that. I took a 3 hour bubble bath.  I thought I might not write at all. I didn’t put pressure on myself. In the evening I did, though, I got 1,102 words written, enough to keep on top of my daily goal. We ordered pizza. We drove to pick it up. We got fries with it because potatoes are soothing. We forgot to go to the liquor store and restock the wine. We went after dinner. The clerk commiserated with us and I felt less alone in our precinct that voted 58.8% for, you know, the candidate that won. Also I had wine, so that was good. We trimmed the tree. We watched more Luke Cage. We drank that wine.

Thursday I didn’t write at all.

15106 / 50000 words. 30% done!

I’m going to do my best.  My brain isn’t the best brain, but it’s the best brain I’ve got and I’m not gonna give up on us.

Here are some resources I have been looking at to try to find my next step:

Love you guys. <3

6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2016: Days 8 – 10”

  1. I cried too and I’m not even in the US. I’m sure there will be worldwide consequences but my heart especially hurts for the minority groups in the US.
    I’m trying to focus on kindness and art but my mind keeps flicking back in disbelief and dismay. x x

    1. Same. I’m going to be okay, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be okay and I will not just sit comfortably in my privilege if I see a way I can help. Art and kindness are good goals, I’m working on those too. xx

  2. Yeah. Just. Yeah. Trying not to focus on it too much. Trying not to worry and stress over it, and so avoiding the news headlines about how they are delightedly planning on dismantling the health programs that keep my husband alive. Reminding myself that these big international dialysis corps aren’t going to take that lying down. Doing a little research on dialysis in Mexico. Dealing with another problem with this damn clinic here and thinking we were already talking about maybe moving anyway, trying to get better care. After they get that defibrillator installed. So. Meanwhile, trying to catch up on Nano. Wrote a little tonight finally. But all my great plot has flown out of my head. Going to try and blast along with prompts and sprints until something rings true and follow it. I do keep reminding myself that I thought it was the end of this country when we got Shrub the 2nd time. And it wasn’t. So. Whatcha doing this weekend? Wanna meet on Twitter for some sprints?

    1. <3 <3 <3 I think everything WILL be okay, but we will all have to help work on making it that way. Your focus should obviously be on your situation and taking care of yourself and James, one goal at a time, you've got enough fights on your hands without adding the rest of the country to your plate.

      I'm definitely going to try to get some writing done this weekend, I don't have anything else major going on so I should be around if you're wanting to sprint! Love you!

    1. I’m here just trying not to watch the news
      everyday it just gets more and more depressing
      Carrot top
      And his fruits
      I trade places with you
      But the shit is everywhere you look
      The Sheldon Perspective

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