Catching up… with my favorites, anyway…

Obviously I haven’t kept up with this blog over the summer, and this summer has been extra long. It was 86 degrees yesterday, on Halloween! Ridiculous.

So instead of working hours and hours on  4 separate blog posts for every month I’ve failed to share my #cy365 here, I’m going to give you my favorite shots from each month. And then I can get into NaNoWriMo and posting here on the regular without that pesky guilt I was feeling about being behind on everything.

But I’m still kind of behind on everything.

185. Character/Self Portrait

201. Filter

202. Blended

208. multiple

226. Wabi sabi

232. Curious

239. centered


258. Spotlight


291. split second

292. Spin

293. Spooky

301. New and Old

You can see all of my #cy365 photos from the past few months on my flickr in this set.

Thanks for being patient with me. I’ve been all over the place lately! :D


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