Sand Springs Herbal Affair, 2016

This was the loveliest Herbal Affair in recent memory (Perhaps the one where I met my future husband for the first time wins loveliest ever even though it was hot, and sunny and I was recovering from strep throat.) The skies were cloudy, but it wasn’t cold, and it didn’t rain. A light breeze combated any mugginess that might have sullied a still day. We walked around, browsed through the shops downtown (it’s getting so cozy! There’s a new bookstore, and an older bookstore and antique shop have a new, lovely location.) I got some gothic novels for my collection and we bought a few records. Shaun and I stopped at the Lone Wolf food truck and got some Banh Mi & kimchi fries, which was transcendental. We walked home eating them and I popped back down to the festival with my mom so she could buy some pepper and tomato plants.

herbal affair

herbal affair

herbal affair

herbal affair



herbal affair mama
my sweet mama


Here are my snaps from the day:

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