NaNoWriMo 2015 – The Halfway Point


I’m only a day behind on writing but it feels like some sort of NaNoWriMo tragedy.  I usually get ahead before I take days off, but this year has been harder.  It’s not actually bad though! Still absolutely doable. I usually finish a few days early, anyway, so I know I have these 4-6k days in me if I need them. I’m hoping to write over 3k today so I can get back on track!


I did hit 25k yesterday and I try to take comfort in the fact that the second 25k is always easier for me.

embrace impermanence by burning all of those candles you've been saving

I passed over some kind of boring hump a few days ago, anyway. My character has been stuck in the house, mostly alone, for weeks and it was intensely boring, so I made it be Christmas and had someone invite her over to their place for a couple of days and let her get her car fixed finally so she can go wherever she wants and these things have helped a lot.

don't walk around the leaves, even if your shoes are pretty and newish.

Finding balance between life and NaNoWriMo is still a struggle. I get behind on one to work on the other. I did write a schedule for my day and it has helped a lot. I block out an hour for most tasks, even the ones that take 15 minutes (like making and eating breakfast), and then I spend the rest of that hour either writing,  working on something else that I have neglected, or taking a break if I’m feeling drained. Today while I ate my brekkie sandwich, I worked on photo editing and writing this blog post, at lunch time I’ll probably get started on my writing for the day, which is my first post-lunch task. It helps me a lot to just look at the clock and my schedule and then do the things. I don’t have time to hem and haw over decisions. It’s all laid out for me.



25055 / 50000 words. 50% done!

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