a day in photos: February 7, 2015

I got a new camera on Friday so I decided to shoot a day in photos on Saturday to get a hang of all the new bells and whistles.

8:12 am
8:12 am: morning face.

8:15 am

8:22 am
8:22 am: morning mister.

8:23 am
8:23 am

8:27 am
8:27 am: Shaun makes the coffees.

8:29 am
8:29 am: robed, bed-headed.

8:37 am
8:37 am: delicious.

8:43 am
8:43 am

9:53 am
9:53 am: post-yoga and playing with camera stuff.

10:09 am
10:09 am: getting out the homemade veggeroni.

10:11 am
10:11 am

10:13 am
10:13 am

10:14 am
10:14 am

10:20 am
10:20 am: homemade veggeroni breakfast sammiches

11 am
11 am: shower

11:17 am
11:17 am: hey

11:29 am
11:29 am: dressed

12:52 pm
12:52 pm: A birthday-weekend Shaun playing a video game.

1:11 pm: I was going to bake Shaun’s cake, but I had a panic attack so we’re gonna buy one, I’ll probably bake one next weekend instead!

1:20 pm: Put some leftover Chana Saag in tortillas and baked it for lunch

1:38 pm: I watched Shaun play a game while I waited for lunch to bake.

1:41 pm
1:41 pm: chana saag in tortillas, super yummy idea I had.

2 pm: I put Dragon Age: Inquisition in.


3:21 pm: As soon as I turned off my game, we went for a walk.

3:26 pm: walkies!

3:36 pm: Walgreens to look at toys, mostly. I checked my shopping list and nothing was really good to get from Walgreens. Or, I didn’t feel like it, anyway.

3:57 pm: When we got home I noticed the mini-daffodils I transplanted last year were popping up! They might not bloom this year but I was glad to see they made it!

4:33 pm: Shot our 52 weeks.

4:51 pm: don’t have any of my normal snacks on hand but I found a mostly empty jar of delicious delicious pickled beets.

5:07 pm: I put my hair up without looking and ended up with a side pony…

5:15 pm: dishes!

5:30 pm: and general hospital.

5:41 pm: and then one of the pipes came loose. I think the earthquakes loosen it? This is a problem in our bathroom also, but usually things don’t go everywhere. It was a mess that I was really not in the mood for. But we got it pretty well cleaned up, as you can see here.

5:47 pm: pizza prep!

6:06: Pizza about to go in the oven.

6:17 pm: Pizza all done.

6:33 pm: Pizza all gone!

toothcare! I floss and brush right after dinner, then I feel like I don’t have anymore “chores” for the day. Also my hygienist said, “keep doing whatever you’re doing, it works!” last week, which is pretty high hygienist praise.

7:04 pm: I’ve been getting SO COLD lately, even though it hasn’t actually been that cold. Foxy-footies to the rescue!

7:17 pm: more video game time.

Final Fantasy IX (my favorite, heart heart). I play this when I wanna play from the couch cos I can’t see the screen well enough for the text in Dragon Age Inquisition. I have to sit on the floor in front of the TV for that and gosh it’s extra cold down there. In other news, I need new glasses. :(

7:33 pm: shiraz.

8:24 pm: Agents of Shield

9:09 pm: 30 Rock

9:33 pm: Shaun getting his birthday message from ang, dan & ruby!

10:16 pm: bed poirot.

bed strategy guide.

10:23 pm: good night!

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