NaNoWriMo 2014: Days 10 & 11


I only managed one session on Monday (Day 10) but it was a pretty good one! 1,062 in a half hour. We got a late start and then the timer on my dinner prep was about to go off so I had to sit out the next session. I told myself I would write a little bit on my own the next day.

My favorite line from Monday, in which our heroine responds to a shocking proposal:

“I don’t understand. You hardly know me. And really…” she shook her head. “This is my best. Crying on a settee is me at my best.”

I fell into a few NaNoWordSprints sessions, a 10, a 15 and a 30. I got 367, 440 and 1,189 words respectively! And respectably. 1,189 is my best 30 minute count this year. When Shaun got home I wrote another 30 minute session with him, so my total for the day was 2,969!

Favorite paragraph from Tuesday (Day 11), in which an engagement is looking pretty unlikely:

“In quiet moments when she turns to me and catches my peculiar glance and asks, so innocently, ‘what are you thinking about?’ and I say… a difficult sewing pattern, what to have for dinner, if I should turn in early tonight because I feel a bit tired. But instead I have been thinking about what it would feel like to shoot her in the throat. What if one day, I did it?” Emilia was shaking now. “You think you understand that I am… troubled. You don’t see that I am dangerous.”



20815 / 50000 words. 42% done!


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