NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 6

Foggy brained morning writing attempts.

My writing yesterday feels a bit like a dream. I really want to get a tidy lead before the tooth-pulling that is week two. I spent the morning in my normal daily pursuits, slow cooking, yoga, housework. I started writing around 2pm with @NaNoWordSprints with a 15 and then a 30 minute sprint and finished up just before Shaun got home from work. I got 545 for the 15 and I finally had another 1,000+ session, just barely, with 1,002 words in the 30. Shaun and I wrote another 30 minute session together almost immediately and I did even better with 1,010 words!  My hands felt all numb and burny after that and I really wanted to stop for the day, but Shaun really wanted to stop too and he’d only written one session. I gave Shaun a rousing pep talk that pepped me as well, (If we write one more 30 minute session toegther I’ll make us cornbread muffins to go with the slow cooked chili!) and so we did, cornbread muffins happened, as well as a pretty full evening of cozy TV watching and non-noveling relaxation that tasted all the sweeter for having such hefty word counts under our belts.

All told I wrote 3,524 words for the day. Instead of sharing the last lines I wrote, which were contextually uninteresting, I’ll share my favorite line, instead. It’s from a ridiculously gothic dream sequence and is probably contextually uninteresting as well. I wrote a lot of words I needed to write but they weren’t the prettiest. That’s okay, though, there are always great swathes of terrible words (which in retrospect I don’t think are that bad) with some real gems tucked here and there in NaNoWriMo, and… it’s worth it.

His dying words filled her with an unexpected and crushing disappointment, “How could you do this? Who… are… you?”

12762 / 50000 words. 26% done!

#100happydays day 87
Recipe from Isa Does It, can be found online here.

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