NaNoWriMo, the first four days!

305.It’s kind of a weird thing. For my husband, Shaun, November 1 falling on a Saturday is ideal. A nice weekend start to NaNoWriMo. This is probably true for most people. But for me, it means I put off cleaning piles of Halloween messes. Or I don’t put it off, perhaps, and I do everything and I feel completely overwhelmed.

Shaun and I took down all of the exterior decor on Saturday after we both got over 2k plugged into our novels. On Sunday I packed away the interior stuff, after getting just enough words in for the day. But I didn’t do the dishes, I let them go. Sometimes dishes are my own personal demon, I guess, and that’s not the worst demon to have. I feel silly about my feelings sometimes, but that’s not being fair to myself. I get overwhelmed about the dishes, it’s just my thing. It’s okay.

I did the dishes, twice, on Monday, as well as 6 other items on my to do list, including my best single writing session so far this NaNoWriMo (1,017 in 30 minutes), slow cooking a giant Indian feast (in two slow cookers!), intensely fabulous yoga, and cleaning the floors. Everything is going to be fine. Writing that here makes me believe it most of all.

I had plans, and they’re not completely abandoned, to really use prompts with this novel. My novel and characters have all been named somewhat randomly and I initially used some prompts from the NaNoWordSprints twitter. Then I realized I didn’t give a fig about my novel. It’s not something I would be interested in reading. Why would I write something like that? It’s guaranteed to come back and bite me in week 2. So I reassessed. What’s my favorite-favorite to write and read? Gothic novels. The ones with damsels in nightdresses fleeing foreboding castles on the cover. A touch of Northanger Abbey style parody and a mix of Dickens & Wodehouse humor and you have me, no matter what that quiz said about my writing style most resembling H.P. Lovecraft. It must come from my tendency towards unnameable horrors. Luckily I caught this on Sunday before I had invested much of anything into the novel. I started over and found that thread of horror and humor I was so desperately lacking in my first attempt. Bring on those painfully ridiculous run-on sentences, brain, I have much need of them.

Speaking of paragraph long sentences, my trademark, here’s the last line I wrote yesterday. Sharing my last lines of each session was a custom I quite enjoyed a few years ago that somehow fell off. Fingers crossed I continue to enjoy this novel enough to keep it up!

The whole afternoon had been a bust, in regards to Georgette, but Emilia felt inspired to pick up her pen that evening nonetheless, writing several humorous descriptive passages about Bundle, Markle and Ballywag, and one paragraph about her dark stranger that heated her cheeks even as she crumpled it up and threw it into the fire.

Today we went and voted as soon as Shaun got home. I started another slow cooked meal this morning so I was free to write twice with him through my usual dinner cooking time. This has really freed up my days for faffing about on the internet. Joy! Anyway, I wrote 2,151 words today. The last line of my last session was:

She sipped a glass of mulled wine and let her cheeks get pleasantly warm as Muriel mentioned some embarrassing detail of their youth that greatly amused everyone.



7569 / 50000 words. 15% done!


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, the first four days!”

  1. And above all be true to yourself. Besides, the gothic horror genre needs writers as good as you :D Glad I’m not alone in this maniacal endeavor this year. For once I started with a title, and a reasonably good idea of what I was writing. Sorta. Mostly. And I even started on the 1st! A 1st! I do want to come eat at your house for the rest of November though…

    1. Thanks! :D
      Shaun and I were excited to see your word count go up on day one! Though we’re always impressed when it shoots way up there later in the month! It’s cool to have an actual idea! I’ve been there before, sigh… Slow cooking has been amazing. I don’t have to cook today at all we’re so set for leftovers! Wish I could share the tasty wealth with you guys!

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