Les Beehive Photo Challenge: Days 23-31

The end of this challenge!

December 23: Groceries
December 23: Groceries

December 24: Festive Eve
December 24: Festive Eve Per tradition we inflated an air mattress in an attempt to ambush Santa, per tradition, he came while I was in the bathroom.

December 25: Festive Day
December 25: Festive Day Enjoyed good music and good company all day long. Lots of leftovers and cozy togetherness.

December 26: Gift
December 26: Gift Shaun working on the Winter Village Cottage Lego kit I got him.

December 27: Favourite Item of Clothing
December 27: Favorite Item of Clothing I got this excellent sweatshirt as a gift this Xmas. I love a lot of my clothes, but this is the newest favorite.

December 28: sky
December 28: Sky We took an evening walk to get dinner.

December 29: Bedside Table.
December 29: Bedside Table Shaun’s emergency knitting, Watchmen and wine slopped Q&A journal.

December 30: Debauchery.
December 30: Debauchery Stayed in with wine and Bob’s Burgers. Really debauching.

December 31: Final Self Portrait of 2013
December 31: Final Self Portrait of 2013 Tomorrow I’m going to start a 365 Self Portrait set, though!

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