Les Beehive Photo Challenge: Days 11-22

Everything has been so busy lately, but I have kept up with shooting, if not sharing, my photos for this challenge.

December 11: Someone else
December 11: Someone Else Shaun, grading papers.

December 12: Weather
December 12: Weather The snow was melting, the sun was shining.

December 13: Spooky Christmas
December 13: Spooky Christmas

December 14: Movement
December 14: Movement

December 15: Outerwear.
December 15: Outerwear

December 16: Holiday Colours
December 16: Holiday Colours

December 17: Dessert
December 17: Dessert

December 18: Sentimental
December 18: Sentimental Went to this Xmas party last night at the Stokely Event Center and the Metro Diner sign was out front. When I was a kid we went there sometimes for milkshakes. Very much one of my fondest and earliest childhood memories. My strongest feelings of 80s nostalgia are for the 50s nostalgia of the 80s. They tore it down in 2007 to expand the TU campus.

December 19: Texture
December 19: Texture I got these delicious smelling cinnamony pinecones and put them all up in the xmas tree. It’s delightful.

December 20: Project
December 20: Project Shaun got me this pretty advent calendar. This year I’m doing the little tree and ornaments that came with it, but next year he is going to fill it with something new.

December 21: Home
December 21: Home My home is frozen, and full of lego, and warmth, and dhal with rice and this delicious homemade bread from Shaun’s mom.

December 22: Package
December 22: Package underneath the tree.


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