Les Beehive Photo Challenge: Days 1 -3

Doing this photo challenge!

Dec 1. Selfie

Day 1: Selfie It was hard to take this. I’m out of self portrait practice, and so unused to my profile. But that’s the point of doing this, gonna flex my self portrait muscles a bit this month during this challenge and then start a 365 self set in 2014.

december 2: work space

Day 2: Work Space In my housewife photographer industriousness I work everywhere. I do my photo editing at my desk, but I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially this past week with Thanksgiving, Second Thanksgiving, and Shaun home for every meal in between. I love love love to cook, and I have been extremely enthusiastic since I got the Isa Does It cookbook and put this side table out for sorely needed extra counter space.

December 3: Hat

Day 3: Hat  I’m feeling vulnerable and out of practice. I’m trying to maintain the feeling I had when I shot a private 365 self portrait set earlier this year. It was a completely honest project.

It’s going to be pretty warm today, but tomorrow night a cold front is moving in, with lots of winter precipitation for Thursday and Friday. Fingers crossed for more snow than ice.


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