NaNoWriMo: Days 22-24

november 22

I got caught up on my word count on Friday. It felt like I had been behind for a long time, but that’s not true. I’m just so used to being ahead, I have set a different goal somewhere in my brain and I wasn’t meeting it. On Friday I banked 2,910 words.

november 23Saturday was a really great writing day.  I got 3,524 words and crept a day ahead of the 1,667  per day schedule. We went to Whole Foods and did our Thanksgiving shopping. It was my first time outside in 10 days. NaNoWriMo hermitage! When we got home I made grilled daiya sandwiches and we watched some disc Netflix (we’re almost done with Northern Exposure!)  I made channa masala for dinner. A hugely productive day.

Sunday we were expecting to spend with our gamer friends & Pathfinder RPG but it didn’t work out. I had cleaned the house and we had both gotten ahead on our words so we toyed with not writing. We played Clue (I lost for the FIRST TIME in my adult life!) and Epic Mickey 2 (why is this game so hard, GAH!) and then we wrote. I wrote for a half hour and got 1,089 words, because it was approaching dinner time. Shaun finished up with another half hour (his word count at the end was 45,678!!) while I played early Barnabas episodes of Dark Shadows on Netflix and made a delicious chili (this one!) because snap! it’s cold outside. We were hopeful for a bit of snow, but all we got was a little sleet.

This novel has been the hardest in 6 years. The last time I had this much trouble I quit somewhere past 30k. I had never won when I gave up on my Fruit Faeries novel in 2005. Now I know what the last 15k feels like, I could never give up THAT CLOSE to the end. Still it hurts, writer’s block, it really hurts. It hurts to force clumsy words out, but then they stop being clumsy and you just have a few messy paragraphs to clean up later. Yesterday I told Shaun, “This is the worst novel I have ever written. Don’t believe me? Go read it!” So he just opened my document, found a random paragraph, and started cackling.

Alas, Lord Terrell seemed to recognize the trill of her voice, looked up and caught Rance’s eye, he came over holding something slathered in soft cheese which he engaged with his sensual mouth before saying, “Templeton! And who is this young man?” as if it were not obvious from her high breasts and curving hips.

It’s a rough run-on sentence but when Shaun read it aloud, I started cackling too. Okay. It’s not The Worst Thing I have ever written. Moving on.

41521 / 50000 words. 83% done!


9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Days 22-24”

  1. I do feel your pain. Here this novel has been so much easier than I expected. Saturday I zipped through 7000 words and caught up and got a day ahead so I could have my usual no technology Sunday. Today I’m staring at it and thinking I am now at point A and I wish to be at point C and how the…. am I going to get there? Gee, Saturday I thought I might finish today. Today I think I may never finish… I think I’m going to skip the painful transition and write the ending.

    1. Yes! Point B is the worst! I just sort of glossed over a lot of stuff to get the ball rolling towards the end and I have already written 2,786 today! Smoothest writing I have had all month. Toying with trying to finish today, while I still have this momentum. But I would be pretty happy to finish tomorrow! Hope you find what you need to get back in the groove of things!

      1. Little over 3000 myself and yes, toying with trying to finish (taking a break and procrastinating right now – obviously) the problem being I don’t actually have an ending… DOH! Yay for both of us being done – say tomorrow?

    2. It won’t let me reply to your comment below (limit on nested comments, I guess? I should check my settings!) but YES! Let’s finish this! Hope your characters lead you to a satisfying end today! <3!

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