NaNoWriMo: Day 21

november 21I think one thing that really helps me write everyday is the time I spend in the morning writing here. Laying down a few hundred words that aren’t my novel gets my fingers warmed up.  I had an excellent writing day yesterday. By the time I stopped, my wrists were burning, though. It was a bizarre and uncomfortable sensation, but I had 3,557 words to show for it! I didn’t get quite caught up, but I will only have to write a little over 700 extra words today to be on track. I would like to have a repeat of my count yesterday, though, and finish up before Thanksgiving!

I realized I haven’t left the house in over a week, I haven’t even stepped out on the porch. That’s not good. I took my vitamins though!  Looking forward to doing my Thanksgiving shopping tomorrow! And rewarding my NaNoWriMo victory with some Indian food some time next week!

I made another recipe from Isa Does It last night. New favorite cookbook!



34268 / 50000 words. 69% done!


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