NanoWrimo: Days 15-17

november 16Friday, I wrote 688 words like I was pulling teeth. Saturday I skipped ahead a little and started to find the story again with 859 words. I’m just glad I could write at all, because everything has piled up in this five day period where I could have easily found no time for it. It’s not over yet, but I should have a couple of hours this morning to write before I start getting anxious to work on other things. Sunday we had friends over for some Pathfinder RPG and no writing happened for either of us, but Shaun is amazingly all on top of his word count, or will be after he writes for the day. If I want to catch up to the 1667 a day goal I need 3,426 words today. The idea of muscling through to 30k, where everything is beautiful, is very appealing, but I also need to bake cupcakes and clean house a bit today. Okay! I’m off to find a NaNoWordSprint to join!Untitled



26574 / 50000 words. 53% done!


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