things… around the house

Per my previous entry, which was crossposted to flickr & facebook, the things around my house that people asked to see!

a thing
my screen door.

a thing
my sock drawer.

a thing
under the bed (there’s a rug!)

a thing
one word. (loved this request!)

a thing
my nightmare before christmas collection (decided to tuck most of it away with Halloween this year, to keep it special!)

a thing
my “medicine chest” is just the top of the refrigerator.

a thing
my junk drawer.

a thing
Nolan (the hanging skeleton!) got particular attention.

a thing
a piece of garbage (awaiting recycling. I need to get an attractive recycling bin!)

november 12: a thing
used tea leaves. (this was a great excuse to drink some tea in my nanowrimo mug yesterday!)

a thing
a book shelf!

a thing
our no two drinking glasses alike collection (but it’s not quite that!)

I had so much fun with these requests! I wrote  a little more about how it helped my creative process  in my blog about NaNoWriMo: Day 12. Consider the request open indefinitely, though my response time might lag a bit.


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