NaNoWriMo: Day 12

onion cry face.Yesterday I was feeling so dull in the head. I just wanted something buzzy to happen, something magical to kickstart my creativity.  My shutter finger was feeling particularly itchy. I just finished up a few photo projects a couple of months ago.  I thought it would be a treat to only have TWO coinciding with NaNoWriMo. I photograph dinner every time I cook and take at least one photo a day, trying to capture something that represents the day well, sort of a photo diary. Sometimes this month it has just been the photo I took of dinner! I feel especially awesome when I am doing about 10 things at once that I don’t actually have to do. Hire me to actually do one of these things and I will feel miserable. Unless I love you.

The point is, I needed something. I remembered this project I did in May of 2008 where I asked people to request a photo of something they would like to see inside my home. Yesterday I took a photo and tossed it onto flickr, facebook and this blog in search of requests and got about a dozen.  I set myself up with the challenge to work on my novel between a certain number of them. The request for tea leaves forced me into the kitchen with my NaNoWriMo mug. This was probably the best part. In years past I made green tea before I wrote every day. My little rituals change year by year and I forgot what an impetus to word count green tea is. So my mind felt buzzy with creativity, my head felt clear and sharp, and I had fun taking photos and getting some writing done.

As awesome as I felt, I didn’t get to write two full half hours, so I only got 1,494 words for the day. This was fine because I have held a steady lead most of the month, even with the day off I took last week. Once again, I skipped the second half hour session so I could make a really delicious dinner. An artic front (yay!) moved in and it’s  soup weather! I made a tortilla soup with sweet potato, spinach, a whole onion (see onion cry face, above) and black beans topped with avocado and salsa, a margarita on the side.  Simply cannot wait to chomp on leftovers this afternoon.



21278 / 50000 words. 43% done!


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