NaNoWriMo: Day 11

attacking week 2 with nanowrimo 2011 shirt.I did so much laundry yesterday. And I still have lots to do. Laundry is The First Thing that goes for me during NaNoWriMo. I hadn’t done it since October 30th, I think. So close to two weeks! We were getting dangerously low on the most important articles, socks and underwear.  I was also almost out of dishrags, a testament to the fact that unlike previous Novembers, I have been doing the dishes every day.  The house looks so good right now I can only imagine how good it would look if I weren’t spending 6 hours every day sitting at the computer procrastinating about writing a novel and an hour actually writing it.

Except yesterday, I only spent 30 minutes on my novel. I couldn’t help it. Well… actually, I could have. While my terror of the dryer buzzing (worst sound in the world?) during a fast paced writing session did deter me somewhat, I could have squeezed a half hour in at some point before my mom arrived to work on her latest painting and Shaun got home with groceries.  I didn’t. Instead I sat in my cozy chair and read a book. That’s new too, I have never managed to work on reading a book while I was working on writing one. They always conflicted too much in my mind, or I was too exhausted of words, or… I don’t know, time spent reading was just begrudged because it could be time spent writing.

After all the folding and sorting and putting away, hunching over the keyboard for a half hour wreaked havoc upon my back. I have really, really got to do some yoga, I’m feeling pretty miserable lately and it makes me angry at my novel. You’re physically hurting me, novel! I never hurt this much outside of November. A few years ago I diligently did yoga after I had successfully acquired my word count. Every day! AMAZING, who was that person? How do I get in touch with her?

So, while my mom worked on her painting (and resisted coming over to blow our noses, like a mom. Shaun and I both had a mid-writing session sneezing fit!) Shaun and I got a half hour session in. It was already 5pm by the time that was finished and I had to choose. Dinner & dishes or more words? I chose dinner & dishes. Shaun wrote again while I worked on that. We watched Blood for Dracula (2 stars, maybe? Would have been 3 except… no.) and got more reading done before bed.

In the end I only wrote 1,099 words for the day. I was still ahead for the month, though. Not a great inconvenience. I hope to write extra extra today to make up for it!



19784 / 50000 words. 40% done!

One thought on “NaNoWriMo: Day 11”

  1. I did awesome yesterday with 3800+ words. But then it was one of those episodes where it was already mostly written in my head and I could just roll with it. Then last night I hit a run of good jobs at MTurk, and jumped out of bed this morning hoping some of them would still be there and they were so I’ve mostly done that, and it is White Tornado day which, after our run of sick this summer, I cannot skip. The back pain and computer time – yeah – and I have it even if I do get up and do my half hour or so of Yoga :( Who said I could get so damn old? Well, once I’ve killed off a few other things on my todo list I should be able to squooze an hour or half hour sprint in and at least maybe get the days goal…

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