NaNoWriMo: Day 9 & 10

hanging out in the library.
Last weekend was a writing disappointment, I got so distracted by other problems. This weekend was actually really awesome. Shaun and I wrote together with a little help from @NaNoWordSprints both mornings, and though I made a lot of whiny noises and had to stop mid-sprint to get out my notebook and talk myself through the beginning of a week 2 hump, my subsequent half hour sessions were extremely good.

We did so good that we had hours and hours to play Rock Band, play card games, cook and eat delicious dinners, and read in our library.  It was an amazing weekend.

November 8

On Saturday I wrote 1,739 words. I got 2,202 for Sunday.  I used to share the last lines I had written in a session on this blog, but I have been pretty uninspired by them lately. I was pretty happy with this one from Sunday, though.

She wondered at this connection, remembered Algernon mentioning something briefly of someone transformed in a similar manner into a teapot.



18685 / 50000 words. 37% done!


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