NaNoWriMo: Day 6

Earlier today I  spent a half hour reading through every tweet I have made on @wigglewriterly, faving my own, old tweets, like a boss. Here are some of my favorites:

I meant to include this in my entry about Day 5; it’s my novel synopsis this year:

Norah Kinsley is a girl detective following in her father’s footsteps, but her new business has yet to attract any clients. When an old acquaintance of her father gives her a chance, it comes with the unusual request that she pretend to be governess to his two young children. With little information to go on and a growing pile of business expenses, Norah accepts and finds that nothing at Templeton Grange is what it seems, her strangely porcelain charges, their scarred and brooding widower father, and the mysterious noises that everyone hears but no one acknowledges.


I  spent a lot of time today refreshing tabs, looking at the nanowrimo tag on tumblr, following links on twitter, reading through past pep talks, looking over my two pages of notes about my novel, thinking about things I want to include this year (costume party!) and how much I want to reread and revise old NaNoWriMos instead of work on the current one. I resisted, though I didn’t get started writing until almost 4pm.  Shaun and I did four 15 minute sprints together and I got 2,149 words. He did really well, too,  with over 2,000 words, we both have a tidy little lead.



12547 / 50000 words. 25% done!


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 6”

  1. I love the synopsis, and Capt Manby regarding his sausage… I’m behind after a couple of long days with much real life stuff going on, but *gasp* today I sat down and wrote a…OUTLINE. An honest to God outline, on 3×5 cards. I deserve the real Mexican coca-cola I am about to down as I tackle the next phase.

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