NaNoWriMo: Day 3


Since my desktop was (and is!) still tied up in data recovery, I had to move my writing to this old laptop. I wrote a lot of my 2008 novel on this thing, in a hospital waiting room. It’s weird that it has been five years. Anyway, my writing sessions were pretty productive. Shaun and I wrote for another couple of 15 minute sessions and finished up with a 30 and I got 2,012 word for the day. It’s hard to write past noon on the weekends. I wanted to, but it just didn’t happen. Instead I moved some furniture around and got my record player working again. Shaun worked on some projects and put away some lego, we listened to LPs, I did the dishes and made a curry for dinner. We watched some Poirot and drank some red wine.  It was a good Sunday.



5839 / 50000 words. 12% done!

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