I had my annual trip to the plant farm with my mom last week.


The previous owner of my house probably took better care of his yard than I do (it’s so exhausting, and trees just won’t stop growing in the back lot!) but he wasn’t very good at planning. He just clumped a bunch of stuff together and now I have to clump stuff around it. A couple of years ago some under-dwelling creature came and ate the roots off the bushes that were lined up near the front porch and they all fell over except two. Now there is a large, unsightly gap that needs filled. I looked all over Riddle’s for a solution and finally set upon Hydrangea. Now I have it home and I’m worried it’s going to be too large for such a central spot. It would be, perhaps, a bit better, at one end of the gap. I should have gotten some low evergreen bush, something to fill the gap year round.

I love a crowded jungle of a garden and I just need to embrace it. There’s one house on our street that amazes me. The whole yard is like a fairyland, flowers of all types abound 9 months out of the year, a dark, lush colorful mess. I want someone to describe my yard like that.

I’ve been focusing on perennials. I got ground covers & mosses.


If you had an unsightly gap in your front garden, what would you put there? The other plants present are a sedum that flowers a bluish-purple in the late summer/fall, tall purple phlox that last the summer, with daffodils and tulips in spring. At either end of the gap there are two sad looking survivors of what ever chewed the roots of their brethren:  a couple of pitiful little bushes with red leaves year round.

More photos below the jump!

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  1. i didn’t know about the new blog and i’m exploring this and your photo blog and even signing up for a ravelry account (re: your crochet blog) you’re a bad artfluence. this all started b/c i was lookin’ for that 30 days drawing challenge, because i too overload on multiple new-craft projects and such. i’m trying to learn the mandolin now too? and crochet? and learn how to write original songs? geesus us art wanks never sleep.

    thinking of you today lady dear. xojojo

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