NaNoWriMo: Day Eleven

I woke up in a fantastic mood. It was raining, which always cheers me up, and I got some light housework sorted. At some point a 20 minute sprint popped up and I grabbed at it for 785 words. No rush. I’m several days ahead, and I’m going to take advantage of that lead.
I will admit I’m fighting off my Negative Nancy tendencies right now. I could very easily slip down the slippery slope of “my novel is terrible”s but I’m resisting because I know it gets better. Maybe not today, but probably tomorrow.
Shaun provided me with the cheer of Indian food, because Channa Masala for my belly is Channa Masala for my soul, and when we got home we decorated the Christmas tree.

25038 / 50000 words. 50% done!


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