NaNoWriMo: Day 12

I never know how a day is going to go on the NaNoWriMo front. Drowsy rainy morning. I love rainy days. I love Fridays. Christmas lights are twinkling. It’s gorgeous outside. I felt down down down on my novel.
I didn’t want to write, I didn’t know what to write. I went all over the place in my first session. I wrote “The End” in frustration, and while I kept the words (words are words!) I appended them with a “Just kidding.” I opened up a hole in the floor to another dimension, to see if that would inspire me. It didn’t. I closed the hole up. I feel like I’m trying to write a novella with the length of a very short novel and it’s just not going to work. Where can my characters go and hang out for the… say… 15,000 words I don’t think I have in me for this novel? Fine, the main character keeps whining about the fact that she’s not getting pregnant, she can get pregnant. Suddenly, oh! What if she’s pregnant with a demon baby, yeah? I can get 5,000 words out of that at least. So. Yeah. I went there.
I wandered away from my novel for the rest of the day, a little unsure of what footing we’re on exactly, do I hate it, does it hate me? It was awkward. I cooked enchiladas for dinner because I was famished. Shaun is awesome, he does dishes.
We sat down eventually for another writing session, at 8:50pm which is the latest I have put it off in years. Suddenly I changed my tone to the one I wanted to use all along but couldn’t quite find, and things clicked and I felt clever and interesting for the first time… in possibly the whole novel. So how about that? Fantastic writing session, not my best word count wise, but you know, those times when I got 1,400 words in a half hour? They were really low quality words. I’ve been using contractions this whole novel, this is a NaNoWriMo first for me. I wrote 2,096 words today.

27134 / 50000 words. 54% done!


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