NaNoWriMo: Day Eight

I wasn’t in the mood to write. I made many random twitter updates in a state of procrastination.!/wigglewriterly/status/1711036151365632

When Shaun got home, I said, “Did you write today?” in an accusatory tone. When he said yes, I sighed. So he only needed one more session so I joined him and I used it for everything I could. Thinking “Wowee, I can’t wait to shelve this novel and never think of it again.” Week two doldrums, maybe. It felt like pulling teeth but I managed to pry 1,106 words out of that one 30 minute session. If there’s one thing I do well it’s write badly. Though I had optimistically declared that I was shooting for 20k, I fell short by several hundred words. I concocted a dinner made of tasty and took a shower but I didn’t brush my hair. How is week two treating you?

19414 / 50000 words. 39% done!


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