NaNoWriMo: Day five

I got a late start today. I sat around refreshing forums and blogs and twitter for a while. This is the silly thing, happens every year, I leave off mid-dialogue, thinking, “this will be a breeze to pick up tomorrow. I already know what the next line is!” The next day I hem and haw. I thought about that next line so much I hate it. It’s like my inner editor crawled back into my brain in the middle of the night and picked that sucker apart while I was unconscious.
I got half of the Halloween decor dismantled, a quarter tucked away into the garage. At 2:30pm I sat down and refreshed the aforementioned forums, blogs and twitters once again. I had just missed the start of some @NaNoWordSprints. I realized I hadn’t made myself a green tea yet. It may very well be a placebo effect, but every day I’ve had a mug of green tea has been an unnaturally good day for writing. I’m basing this off of three very good days of writing. I have clearly done my research. I spied an upcoming word sprint and made my self a cuppa. 20 minutes and 820 words later I heard the key in the lock. Shaun was home from work. I made myself some hot chocolate and we both wrote two more 30 minute sessions and towards the end of the second one, I actually started to like where my story was going. From a slow start to a 3,025 word day? I’ll take it.

14405 / 50000 words. 29% done!

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