Halloween Week 2010

Yup! I haven’t posted here since last December. In October I get this creative burst.  It’s a little slow this year, for various reasons, but it’s here. It usually starts with Halloween week, I gather together a few costume concepts and shoot one a day the week leading up to Halloween.

This is what I have so far this year:

Day one – Eli from Let the Right One In

Day two – Zombie Tourist

Day three – Spooky Spectre

i grow so weary of the sound of screams...
Day four – Scarecrow

Then, of course, comes NaNoWriMo and November. I manage to update here almost every day, it goes very well and I have high hopes of continuing through December, and then, I just don’t. Will I get high hopes again this year? Of course! We’ll just have to wait and see if I follow through.

In other NaNoWriMo news, I made a twitter to update in 140 characters or less incessantly throughout NaNoWriMo, little victories and setbacks as they happen! Please check it out @wigglewriterly

2 thoughts on “Halloween Week 2010”

    1. yay! thanks! :D I was pleased with zombie tourist because I thought of it right before taking the photos. My bin of extravagant clothes from my teenage years that I haven’t dealt with since moving in 4 years ago containing my collection of hawaiian print dresses from the 60s & 70s happens to be stored underneath the box of halloween stuff that wouldn’t do well in the heat of the garage in my laundry room closet.

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