NaNoWriMo: Day 25 – 30

I didn’t update this sooner because I was just so tired of typing. On the 25th I wrote 5,587 words. & do you know where that put me? Over 50,000! I even wrote “The End” at… um… the end of it! :D Shaun kept plugging on and hit 50k yesterday afternoon, many, many hours to spare.

This is my second year in a row finishing on the 25th. My third year of effectively taking a week off in some way or another, and my fourth win. I’ve been considering collecting some humorous excerpts from all of my novels to share here, but this led, unexpectedly, to editing them! I started working on a second rough draft of my first win, Kismet Academy, on the 26th, and spent several of Shaun’s 2009 writing session over the last 5 days, reworking it. It just isn’t publishable, I think, under any circumstances, the basic teenage fiction plot, the flippancy with which I treat certain issues and then the ridiculous sex thrown in (as an actual plot point!) make it suitable for no one. Still, I wouldn’t mind having somewhat polished versions to set on my bookshelf and waggle at people when they talk about what a shiftless waste of space I am. 200k in 4 years, people, right here! 4 months, even! Get off my lawn! *grumble grumble*

So today when Shaun gets home from work he gets to start this years Lego Advent Calendar. It’s exciting. I keep looking at it, sitting under the tree, longingly. It keeps whispering, “It’s December 1st, you know, you coooould open me,” but I’ll resist.
Yay! Congratulations to everyone who won NaNoWriMo this year, and to those who didn’t, congratulations on trying! I didn’t win until my fifth try, but I’m really glad I have all of those snippets of unfinished novels, spanning from that year I got 500 words interupted by a suicide attempt  (not my own) to  the 36,000 words that I actually really liked, until I ruined the main male character by making him a rapist and I couldn’t forgive him enough to go on. If he could have just kept his agile elfin member in his pants! I still haven’t forgiven him. Boo! In between, the year when I tried to work on something I had already started (big mistake! I got about 2,000 on top of the 10,000 I already had) and my first year, when I just cared too much about every character, pondered too many plot points, did too much research, and edited, oh dread, edited. It can take a while to find your groove.

50391 / 50000 words. 101% done!

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