NaNoWriMo: Day 23 & 24

On the 23rd I wrote 2,136 words & didn’t do much else. Yoga & dinner. That’s it. I feel kind of exhausted. But it’s not ever yet! I ended the day with 39,894 words. So close to 40,000!

On the 24th I wrote like a maniac. It was Shaun’s last day of work before the break & I was, quite frankly, anxious to get this novel written. I told myself to write 5,000 words. I wrote, holy crap did I write, 4,910. Yes. I did. & then I collapsed. & then I got up & I made Chai Latte cupcakes (these) & then we went to Shaun’s parents house for dinner. I shot some family portraits, but pretty much not with my camera. Came home and took the most well deserved shower of my noveling career.

My word count at the end of day 24? Fanfare, please:

44804 / 50000 words. 90% done!

So close! I have already entered into the climactic realms of absolutely no turning back. There is just no way to lose at this point. Unless my document implodes. Oh please, document, don’t implode. *backs it up*


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