NaNoWriMo: Day 19

The day was really unkind for writing. I hemmed and hawed for a while before squeezing out one session, 1,003 words worth, and actually, that was pretty good considering the fact that my document crashed in the middle of it, leaving a couple of paragraphs unsaved and requiring a rewrite. Screen-capturing saved me from having to think about what I had lost. Just as the “this program will now terminate” popped up on my screen, I hit my capture shortcut key. Phew. Crisis averted. I still had to wait for it to load back up and re-type it, but it wasn’t lost. I imagine it would have been a really super session if I hadn’t lost several minutes in the ether. Oh well.

By that time I had two choices. Write another session right away, or do 24 minutes of yoga before Shaun gets home.

I chose yoga because my back was begging for it.

I invented a pretty tasty dinner last night. Golden Curried Meatlessloaf. The not-quite-a-recipe will follow under the jump.

33388 / 50000 words. 67% done!

Golden Curried Meatlessloaf


2 packages of smart grounds
a handful of baby carrots, chopped
one quarter of a large onion, chopped fine
a handful of fresh spinach
small can of tomato paste
a heaping tablespoon of curry powder, & ground cumin
garlic powder, salt and pepper to your own tastes, I used quite a bit of garlic powder and pepper and no salt.
about a half a cup of water, to really sauce up the tomato paste and mix in the spices
about a tablespoon of olive oil
panko breadcrumbs (half a cup or so, I just added a bit, mixed it in, with my hands, yo, added a little bit more) until it’s holds when you press it.

form into a loaf in a mid to large casserole pan. if it doesn’t form well, you probably need more breadcrumbs. also, tuck any wayward spinach leaves inside, they like to be there.

I cut up three red potatoes and a third of an onion (would have used more, that’s all I had) and put it around the sides, & poured a little concoction of olive oil and pepper over lightly.

I used 2 sections of this Golden Curry for the topping. I put a little under half on it before baking. (You should be able to find this in the Asian section of most grocery stores.)

Bake covered for 20 minutes on 375, pull out, uncover, pour most of the rest of the Golden Curry sauce on, bake for another 20 minutes, uncovered.

We had some leftover curry sauce, which we put on the leftovers before refrigerating.

Super tasty leftovers ensue. I am, in fact, eating some as I type.

kudos to Celine for introducing me to the realm of smart grounds meatlessloaves and Ang for inspiring me to season one nontraditionally and surrounded by potatoes.


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