NaNoWriMo: Day 18

I wrote 3,249 words, two sessions while Shaun was at work, and one with Shaun, cut short by an excitable Trudy who insisted I take her outside so that she could sniff around leisurely for 10 minutes.  Still, super productive writing day, it got me all excited that I was going to be able to keep this pace and finish early. Yeah. Well. We’ll see about that.

After we finished our writing, we went to India Palace for the monthly Rachel-Doesn’t-Feel-Like-Cooking date.  Afterward we went to Whole Foods to stock up on Smart Grounds, Tofurky balls and soy yogurt, for baking. I have committed to a lot of soy yogurt, and thus, a lot of baking, before the expiration date on the tub, November 30. Just what I needed, another November commitment!

We came home and watched The Ring, which we had in the netflix queue for October but never got to, after it there is a great big slew of Christmas movies, which we had hoped to start working our way through a couple of weeks ago.  It’s because all we really want to watch is Star Trek: The Next Generation. We need to stagger it out a bit, though, we’re working through the seasons way too fast.

32290 / 50000 words. 65% done!


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