NaNoWriMo: Day 17

Word count wise, the day was a success. I wrote 3,500 words in an hour and a half.  Actual story, plot, prose wise, it was kind of abysmal. I have the basic outline in my head of where everything is ultimately heading, which makes me think it might not quite fill the 21,000 words I have left to write.  I can probably devote 2,000 words to a comical love scene whenever I feel like I need some padding. I don’t know how many humorous variations of man sword & silken sheath I can come up with, though. It’s exhausting. I suppose it’s not going to hurt the scene to use those terms over and over, it’s already writhing on the floor in an agony of ecstasy.

Everyone has pretty ridiculous motivations for their current actions, so I have decided that it’s perfectly acceptable to give them ridiculous reasons for reversing their stances. This is pretty standard romance noveling, really. There’s always some man who refuses to sleep with his wife because he’s so terrified she’ll die in childbirth or something, but then she convinces him that she’s not so delicate and they do it all over the house and have 15 orgasms apiece.  Aside from the 15 orgasms this is not my particular plot, it’s a smidge more complex than that, but just as ridiculous.

I had a much deserved and super intense 20 minutes of yoga after I finished my writing.  It was a delight.

29041 / 50000 words. 58% done!


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