NaNoWriMo 2009, just getting started

t w o

I’ve written for one half hour session today, just to get myself going and have 1,022 words so far.  I’m feeling pretty positive about my basic subject matter. I don’t have a plot, I just have a girl in a place and she’s done a couple of things. It’s going well.

I’m trying to keep my firefox tabs down and I never remember to go back and look at things that I bookmarked, so here’s a fun and topical link that Shaun sent me this morning: I read the first five or so posts and enjoyed myself immensely. It’s something to strive for, really. Especially since my chosen genre this year is “Romance”. At least that the one I’ve ticked on I’m not going to let myself feel boxed in by this decision. These 1,022 words could lead us anywhere.

I also made my NaNoWriMo donation this morning before I started writing. Being a little invested helps, and I have won NaNoWriMo every year that I have donated, and lost every year that I did not. Surely that means something? In any case, I love it a lot and it keeps me distracted and busy in November, when I am prone to dwelling on crappy things that happened in Novembers past.


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